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a less in playing the violin

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2) Miki Cruz of Burbank, left, gives Tina Shelley of West Toluca Lake her first violin lesson Saturday at the Hollywood Academy of Music's newly opened second school, which is in North Hollywood.
Michael, who took his first violin lesson aged five, was a finalist in the BBC's Young Musician of the Year competition, aged 16.
A MUSIC teacher who kissed a young girl during a violin lesson had already had a "warning"
Although he didn't like the timbre of the clarinet, Conklin loved the sound of the violin and had his first violin lesson at age 3.
Playing the saxophone, as Akilah Walker, 14, demonstrates, is just one of the options for music classes at Belvedere School, in Liverpool, above; and, right: Gwen Burgess gives an individual violin lesson to Heather McDonald, 12; Belvedere School's Fengjia Cai was Piano Student of the Year at the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival
Teri Einfeldt, a member of the violin faculty at the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut, and an internationally known Suzuki teacher trainer, shares her menu for a half-hour violin lesson for a seven- or eight-year-old in the second or third year of study.
RICHARD GordonSmith was composing music from an early age, practically soon after his first violin lesson at age six.
While the cold winter weather has kept him inside, he hopes to soon start teaching his violin lessons again from his home in Glenview.
Horlea, from Bucharest, started violin lessons at the age of eight.
when she's not exhausted from school, ballet, aikido, soccer, piano lessons, and violin lessons, and more.
They're not waiting around for me to teach them a new skill any more than a juggler at the circus--busy keeping five balls in the air--would ask me for violin lessons.
He used to share chamber music with several of his acquaintances, and has learned violin lessons at an early age of his life, according to the report.
A son of a tricycle driver and a factory machine operator, Eserjose did not attend any prior violin lessons but learned to play the instrument from the internet.
By the age of eight, Elgar was taking piano and violin lessons, and his father, who tuned the pianos at many grand houses in Worcestershire, would sometimes take him along, giving him the chance to display his skill to important local figures.