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Synonyms for violet-flowered

having a violet color

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I had never really succeeded with `Black Beauty' heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens) -- the dark-leafed, deep violet-flowered variety -- until I planted one and just left it alone.
The word ionantha, from Greek, means violet-flowered, so the widely-used nickname of African violet is appropriate.
These same Icebergs are seen interplanted with either violet-flowered and gray-leafed fragrant lavender (Lavandula species) or with violet-flowered and cabbage-leafed sea lavender (Limonium perezii).
In the CSUN gardens, the violet-flowered perennial Ruellia has sprouted up in various locations, exhibiting a gregarious spirit.
The guilt you're feeling about grabbing all those tantalizing views without exerting a lot of energy only becomes worse as the trek starts its downhill course in earnest, passing deerbrush, violet-flowered hairy ceanothus, blue dicks, lupine, prickly phlox, prickly pear cactus, Indian paint brush, nightshade, canyon sunflowers, Mariposa-lilies and California poppies.