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treated irreverently or sacrilegiously


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He did not care a snap for their good opinion, but he realized exactly how much they could hurt him if he violated their prejudices beyond a certain point.
Summary: BEIRUT: The guidance directorate of the Lebanese Army issued a statement on Wednesday announcing that Israeli jets violated Lebanese airspace, contravening Resolution 1701.
Ozone levels measured in Lancaster violated the stiff state air quality standard 22 days, the fewest bad air days since 1999 and the third best year since measurements began in 1976, records show.
Bush has been subverting our Constitution, and he has repeatedly violated his oath of office to "faithfully execute" his duties and to "pre serve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
2) We know however that T-invariance is violated, since the parameter [epsilon] in [K.
Inmates sued state prison officials, claiming that their policy of opening and inspecting their legal mail looking for contraband, especially anthrax, outside of their presence violated their First Amendment rights.
Do you believe the Tennessee law violated the First Amendment bar against "establishment of religion"?
a financial services firm, had willfully violated the copyrights of Lowry (NL/NL 10/16/03).
Norton affirms a 2003 lower court decision that upheld the American Civil Liberties Union's complaint that display of the religious symbol on federal property violated the separation of church and state.
The Court stated that the privilege is not violated until the government tries to use the offending statement against a defendant in a criminal case.
In 1999, Kaufman and her partner were informed by a state adoption agency that they could not adopt a child because their same-sex relationship violated Virginia's sodomy and cohabitation laws.
53(a) requires an IRS officer or employee who has "reason to believe" that a practitioner has violated any Circular 230 provision to promptly report the suspected violation to the DOP in writing, explaining the facts and reasons in support of that belief.
PhrMA sued CMS in federal court alleging that the PDP violated provisions (42 USC [section]1396r-8(b)(1)(A)) that require manufacturers only to pay rebates for drugs "for which payment was made under the state plan.
The EEOC determined in September that the release "was a form of pre-emptive retaliation" that violated discrimination law.