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convert a juice into wine by fermentation

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In the 1970s, Juan Carrau Pujol took over an old Italian winery at Cerro Chapeu, and began to vinify Tannat with a view to taking on the export market.
Furthermore, Overholt and Delivert plan to partner to vinify the fruit from the trial blocks and evaluate the resulting wine chemically and with sensory analysis.
Unlike a true co-operative, which essentially buys grapes from its members and then makes the wine, the set up at Val D'Orbieu is different in that its vignerons still vinify their own wine and oversee maturation.
Most of his yields of this variety are destined for sale to other wineries, but Cardella expects to vinify some himself.
The need to vinify at high temperatures, together with the absence of suitable cellars for ageing has produced traditionally 'baked' styles, best suited for local consumption.
Hahn has identified local custom-crush facilities that can vinify Bordeaux varietals to its standards, and these wines are brought back in-house for aging and finishing.
Had Owens not made the call to pick and vinify the lot separately, it would have just gone into the estate program.
However, these researchers only evaluated aroma potential and did not vinify the fruit and analyze the volatile thiols in wines.
The grapes they vinify must come from within the state.
Department of Agriculture's Specialty Crop Research Initiative funded a five-year project to provide grape and wine producers across the country's cold northern regions with research-based tools and practices to help them grow and vinify newly developed, cold-hardy varieties and then sell quality wines to local and regional markets.
2] doing everything they could to vinify their ways around the problem.
The goal is to provide producers with research-based tools and practices to help them grow and vinify these varieties and sell quality wines to local and regional markets.
Winegrowers and winemakers work collaboratively to ensure that their grapes meet the wine quality parameters and will vinify high-quality wines.