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the process whereby fermentation changes grape juice into wine

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I had handed my friends seated at the bar with an offbeat wine that took high ratings called De Puta Madre, a Botrytised Verdelho from Spain, that was medium dry and given an oxidative note with its medieval style of vinification.
The Promontory lists wines by region and producer first, and then by varietal, hoping to convey the importance of terroir and vinification over strictly varietal.
VInification or Winemaking, is the creation of wine, beginning with choice of the grapes or other create and completion with packaging the completed wine.
However, in our experiment the different methods used for wine production, the vinification year, and microclimate most likely influenced the phenolics content more than the species used.
Winemaking or vinification, is the production of wine, starting with selection of the grapes or other produce and ending with bottling the finished wine.
Westport Rivers is the pioneer of SENE viticulture and vinification.
Similar to amino acids concentration, bioactive amine contents also vary largely due to differences in viticulture and vinification techniques and to grape variety, geographic origin and vintage (BARRADO et al.
Around 30 percent of all grapes used in commercial vinification are imported.
details of the estate, harvest and vinification process start to become as important as the sensory analysis itself (4)
After vinification, the best red wines are aged in small oak barrels for anything from 12 to 20 months, a process that helps to fix the colour of the wine and, more importantly, makes it smoother and rounder.
They discuss grape varieties and growing regions, basic taste and stimulant components, volatile components, wine tasting procedures and overall wine flavor, and formation pathways in vinification.
The regulations overseen by INDO include boundaries of wine regions, allowed varietals, yield per hectare, pruning and trellising methods, vinification and aging requirements, minimum alcohol content, and labeling information.
It also built a winery and vinification facilities and hopes one day to compete with South Africa's wines.
Although some polyphenols are transferred from the grapes to the wine during vinification, and there is a potential loss of some of these compounds by oxidation during the industrial process, the seed wastes are still good sources of phenolic compounds (TORRES et al.