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California's Rhone blends with grapes like syrah, as well as grenache and mourvedre, have been popular at Vinifera.
Ontogenesis, Differentiation and Precocious Germination in Anther-derived Somatic Embryos of Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.
Diagnosis of Pierce's disease using biomarkers specific to Xylella fastidiosa rRNA and Vitis vinifera gene expression.
The reduction in chlorophyll content by NaCl stress was also observed in some Vitis vinifera cultivars such as Cardinal, Delight, Beauty Seedless and Baga (OLIVEIRA et al.
Whether it comes from vitis labrusca or vitis vinifera grapes, kosher wine is a challenge to make.
This can be explained perhaps by a combination of factors, such as cultivated grapes, particularly Vitis vinifera, not being the preferred plant host of this leafhopper and the likely good control provided by its natural enemies, particularly egg parasitoids, which has not yet been demonstrated.
The Vitis Vinifera grape vines have many different clones and hybrids that have been developed over many years.
By working with Vitis vinifera varieties, as well as French hybrids, and a Minnesota native grape based on the Vitis riparia species, they have produced vines that are cold hardy, disease resistant, with good productivity, and with practical dates for bud break and ripening.
Discover The Roots - from Silvestris to Vinifera Inaugural Wines of Turkey Conference & Tasting 2011" hosted by the Wines Of Turkey Platform brought together 145 experts from the United kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.
Best of the Bunch The dried fruits of Vitis vinifera.
Rositsa Kyuchoukova, owner of Villa Vinifera, said that the poor state of the market this year would reduce demand for grapes--while in any case, the harvest was bad, she said.
Resveravine[TM]: Natural Resveratrol from vitis vinifera, standardized at 20% of oligostilbens (in monomer, dimer and other oligomer forms)