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Synonyms for vindicated

freed from any question of guilt

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The more he came to know them, the more they vindicated their superiority, the more they displayed their mysterious powers, the greater loomed their god-likeness.
Sh e places herself under the protection of her nearest relative, until her character is vindicated and her position in your house is once more beyond a doubt.
Of one thing only I am certain: I mean to win you back, a man vindicated before the world, without a stain on his character or his name--thanks to his wife.
Having once more vindicated "the hottle," she made the long-desired move to the door, and left the room.
But I should not interfere in a matter so ridiculous, and attach importance to it, until you have vindicated yourself.
We have but lately vindicated the existence of God.
However, my confidence in him, which at one time had rather waned, was fully restored since his belief in Alfred Inglethorp's innocence had been so triumphantly vindicated.
The infidelity of Molly, which Jones had now discovered, would, perhaps, have vindicated a much greater degree of resentment than he expressed on the occasion; and if he had abandoned her directly from that moment, very few, I believe, would have blamed him.
Something of their habitual deference to the authority erected by society for its own preservation yet remained among them, and had its majesty been vindicated in time, the secretary would have had to digest a bitter disappointment.
He had displayed the one, and vindicated the other.
Meanwhile, a spokesman of the forum led by the veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani reacting on Sajjad Lones interview, said the admissions by Lone about his relation to Indian establishment and Hindu extremist party vindicated their assessment of his doings.
With his family outside Kingston crown court, he admitted: "I feel vindicated but take no pleasure in their deservedly long sentence.
The Aberdeen boss believes Shay Logan's been completely vindicated after accusing the Celtic man of racist abuse.
FORMER RANGERS chief executive CHARLES GREEN believes he has been vindicated by the outcome of an independent inquiry which found no evidence that ex-owner Craig Whyte invested in the current Ibrox set-up.
CHAKWAL -- PTI chairman, Imran Khan has said that his 9-year stance of avoiding war against Taliban was vindicated, while earlier he had been branded as Taliban Khan.