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Synonyms for vindicate

Synonyms for vindicate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

to support against arguments, attack, or criticism

to show to be just, right, or valid

to defend, maintain, or insist on the recognition of (one's rights, for example)


to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for vindicate

show to be right by providing justification or proof

maintain, uphold, or defend

Related Words

clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof

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90-38 does not vindicate or further any legitimate purpose of the prior consent rule; indeed, it is inconsistent with the IRS's mission of ensuring that taxpayers pay the correct amount of tax -- no more and no less -- and conflicts with taxpayers' rights under section 6511.
But open-government advocates argue that keeping them public helps expose botched calls and vindicate operators accused of mishandling a call.
This is a substantial settlement, and, if approved, it will vindicate freelance writers who deserve compensation and control for their work in the electronic marketplace.
This standard test could help vindicate metalcasters in disputes over "bad" machinability.
The reforms should (1) facilitate the disclosure of useful financial information and the auditing of such disclosures, (2) increase incentives for those who are truly defrauded to obtain the compensation they deserve, (3) increase incentives for innocent victims to go to trial to vindicate themselves and (4) deter manipulation of the judicial system by overreaching attorneys pursuing meritless cases.
Alan Ockene, president of General, said "General Tire has every right to manufacture and sell the Hydro 2000 and we intend to vindicate that right in court.
But Hammers co-owner David Sullivan said they acted on medical advice, adding: "Any FIFA hearing will vindicate us.
Ted Sihpol has been vindicated once, and we are confident that yet another jury will vindicate him again, despite Mr.
These observations are important not because the etiology of most human obesity has been elucidated--it has not--but because they vindicate an approach to this complex phenotype that emphasizes biology over `will power' and regards body weight as the result of complex interactions between genes and environment rather than a psychological aberration of free will," comments Rudolph L.
Nor does he even feel the need to vindicate Catholicism's claim to universality.
It is a very substantial settlement which we believe vindicates our decision to put this case in litigation and prove that the collapse of the Cypress structure was indeed the responsibility of Cal-Trans.
KEVIN RUTKIEWICZ has admitted promotion back to the SPL vindicates his decision to quit St Johnstone and join Dunfermline midway through the campaign.
It vindicates our basic position on California law,'' said Jim Anderson, a local spokesman for the health maintenance organization.
From the standpoint of the long woebegone Rams franchise, the sweet taste of its first Super Bowl victory vindicates all that came before - even Georgia.