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that which unites or binds

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Any online marketplace or e-commerce company is as good as its order management and backend delivery mechanism, we are happy that we have partnered with Vinculum to provide services to its Indian and global clientele," quotes Vinay Bhartia, CEO and co-founder at Mypacco.
Uncus swollen at base, tip blunt, sparsely setosed; tegumen longer than uncus, inverted V-shaped; vinculum broad, shorter than tegumen; saccus wide and rounded.
But Fransen did not show that the Council Fathers were focused on Luther's inflammatory remarks, or that in canon seven they used errare to mean "to exceed competence," or that they used iuxta to mean "in the spirit of," or that they used matrimonii vinculum to make a distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic indissolubility.
1] stalked, removed from Cu2; abdominal tergites curving over sternites (abdomen flattened); uncus reduced, short and rounded; socii present and separate from uncus; gnathos broadly triangular and broadly joined to tegumen; aedeagus blunt and straight or nearly so, lacking a flange; vesica of aedeagus with numerous scalelike cornuti located in a patch; sacculus lacking basal lobe or process; valve lacking lobe; distal process straight or slightly curved, the apex rounded or pointed; costal margin of valve straight or nearly so; valve broadest base to nearly 5/6 its length or nearly straight; cucullus rounded; costal margin of valve lacking a process; transtilla membranous and lacking lateral lobes and vinculum pointed without well developed anterodorsal process.
Under the agreement, Vinculum Japan will build upon the significant functionality of webMethods' business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities to deliver real-time monitoring of business performance.
In the light of MacNeal's intriguing discussion of mathematics, meaning, statistics and surveying, I remind readers of John Price's superb piece of mathematically-based possum stirring in the last issue of Vinculum (vol.
In this article, the author examines the nature of the vinculum substantiale the "substantial bond" of monads as it arises in Leibniz's correspondence with Des Bosses.
As the Cardinal himself said, in an article for Vinculum (an organ of the Pontifical Council for the Family), "When the Church shows compassion, it makes news.
The association has also decided on a Latin motto "Iisdem studiis initiari vinculum Amicitiase sanctissimum," meaning "Common pursuits make fast friends".
ESI), just months after celebrating its 25th year as a communications solutions innovator, today announced it has purchased the retail assets of Vintalk, including the Vintalk brand, from Vinculum Communications, Inc.
8220;Thanks to Vinculum, we can now focus on what we love doing- to deliver our customers the products of their choice.
The Vinculum Vantage Program offers specialists such as: web developers, integrators, consultants, retail accounting specialists, BPM and POS infrastructure experts, an opportunity to be a part of Vinculum's Partner ecosystem for its product Vin eRetail [sup.
In India, Accel has made investments in companies such as Ace Creative Learning, Babyoye, Collectabillia, enStage, Flipkart, FreshDesk, Forus Health, HealthcareMagic, Kirusa, Mitra, MuSigma, Myntra, Perfint, Power2SME, Probe, PropTiger, QwikCilver, SureWaves, TaxiForSure, Trivone, Vinculum and Virident.