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Synonyms for vinaceous

of or relating to wine


of the color of wine

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5 mm, cuculus bent around the androecium, 10-15 X 5-9 mm; stamens yellowish to vinaceous, 2.
Seeds oblong, brown to vinaceous green, plane to discreetly papillate, 3.
Stipules vinaceous to brown, filiform, obsolete, 6-11 X 0.
Table 1--Hemotology reference intervals of Vinaceous Amazon Parrots (Amazona vinacea) and comparison of the hematological intervals of POLO et al.
Species ([dagger]) Age/sex control 1034 Canindae macaw 30 y/M PDD 1322 Vinaceous Amazon 1 y/M PDD 1367 Canindae macaw 30 y/F PDD 5473 Leadbetter's cockatoo 17 y/M Control 4858 Long-tailed parakeet Adult/M Control 2020 Cockatiel Young/M Control 3616 Eclectus parrot 0.
5-8 cm, densely white-lepidote, vinaceous on the adaxial surface; blades sublinear, 29-35 x 4-4.
3 Large (Table 1),hind tibiae andtarsi vinaceous A.
1--Perigone sulfur yellow on the interior, brick red to vinaceous on the exterior 2 1'--Perigone white, pink or lilac 3 2--Spathe 15-25 mm long; pedicel 21-28 mm long; perigone tube ca.
20-25 mm wide (at the start of the anthesis), vinaceous-rufous or vinaceous-yellow; the exterior generally vinaceous with darker longitudinal stripes, and the interior dark yellow.
Toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in a vinaceous Amazon parrot based on histopathology and immunohistochemistry.