vin ordinaire

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cheap French table wine of unspecified origin

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When Albert Smith climbed Mont Blanc in 1851, his party's provisions included 35 small and 11 large fowls, 60 bottles of vin ordinaire and two bottles of champagne.
Vin ordinaire can be a pleasant beverage accompaniment to a low-cost meal.
The same people say, "What's the point of recognizing this or that vintage; vin ordinaire is perfectly good for me.
Once known for producing vin ordinaire, with his encouragement and leadership the Languedoc now produces New World grape varieties with diverse flavor profiles.
And never mind that what went before was strictly vin ordinaire.
Up to the relatively recent past, the story has been pretty dismal, with a record of subsidised wine lakes, leading to oceans of thin, red vin ordinaire.
Meanwhile, in the same period as Craig-Martin's show, these and other newspapers carried no less than eight reviews of a first novel (name and author now forgotten) that they nearly all judged to be entirely vin ordinaire.
And these are "strong" coffees, as different from lower-grown beans as an old-vine burgundy is from vin ordinaire or a fine microbrewery ale is from mass-market American lagers.
The authors of a breakthrough study on Super Value Wine drinkers will discuss the implications for the wine industry with a key conclusion being that lowering prices on existing brands merely diminishes the brand equity, although wine consumers of all sorts appear to be endorsing the concept of a permanent category of "everyday" vin ordinaire priced at less than $3 per bottle retail.
This was also a first chance to try Tunisian wine - pretty close to French vin ordinaire.
It does explain, though, why so much French food is smothered in garlic, why the towns and cities of France smell so much of drains, why it is usually necessary to wash down the food with quantities of vin ordinaire and why it is still not safe to drink their tap water.
Who knows, a reformulated cooler type blended to appeal to the adult male may also come along to soak up some vin ordinaire and perhaps to get wine into the mainstream of beverages in America.
A decent vin ordinaire could be bought for much less.
But pour a perfectly vin ordinaire into a crystal decanter and suddenly it becomes a luxurious drink.
Very much the vin ordinaire of fake tans, but it is every bit as effective as the more expensive brands.