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Synonyms for vim

a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

Synonyms for vim

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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They need to take existing technology and configure it to meet vertical-industry needs, and also use VIM to engage with work objects and environments, rather than simply using it as a face-to-face conversation tool.
Technology that permits jus ad vim actions, if not governed appropriately, empowers strong states to use force in ways to further their own security and interests, while placing weak states at their sufferance.
VIM is experienced in providing its services to the clients ranging from advertising and creative agencies to the well-known international brands.
The QuARTS reaction was further validated by quantifying methylated genes BMP3, NDRG4, VIM, and TFPI2 in colorectal tissue samples.
Es importante destacar, que 2 cepas productoras de VIM fueron aisladas de pacientes procedentes de la comunidad.
For a calibration to "pass" implies that there are agreed upon pass/fail tolerances, and these tolerances should be thought of as "specified requirements" within the VIM definition of a verification.
Personally, working with the VIM clinic has been a wonderfully rewarding experience.
Vim is in the process of getting listings with the multiples and Mountford said the reaction from buyers had been very positive.
Castelluccio added that even given machining advances, the VIM cartridge valves are most cost-effective for higher volume mobile equipment applications that provide multi-function products in smaller packages, that he said improve service features, economies and ease Of assembly.
Headed by David Wilson, 27, the New York-based multimedia production company began offering VIM (video interactive media) cards to clients in 2003 after one of Wilson's business partners, Darryl Harrison, discovered them on a trip to Asia in October of the previous year, "Compared to a [traditional] business card, these [VIM] cards have a lot more value.
In 1984, his father, Preston McMurry, created Vim & Vigor magazine while working for Baptist Hospitals and Health Systems.
The space is currently occupied by Flatbush Carpet, Miracle Warehouse, Shelly Discounts and athletic apparel retailer VIM.
It doesn't happen much any more, but in the old days (or at least my old days), the letters column of, for example, The Lancet, was full of vim, vigor and fun.
HAMILTON -- Habitat for Humanity Canada and Vim, Unilever Canada's household cleaner brand, have launched a national sponsorship program that involves the building of two Vim Homes for Canadian families in need this year.