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a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane

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Other classical histological findings are crypt hyperplasia, decreased villous height, crypt length ratio, loss of surface enterocytes, which can be focal or complete and increased number of intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IELs).
Stem villous obliteration (fibromuscular sclerosis) is characterized by remarkable thickening of vascular walls with luminal obliteration.
Specimen was sent for histopathological examination, which revealed villous projections lined by synovial epithelium with sub epithelial tissue comprised of predominantly fat, intervening blood vessels and chronic inflammatory infiltrate of histiocytes, plasma cells and lymphocytes.
However, residual some villous synovial tissue over the popliteal region which was very difficult to approach during arthroscopic procedure noted.
Increased placental intervillous fibrin deposits, villous hypoplasia, ST knots, giant cells, and immature intermediate trophoblasts were directly related to worsening of UA Doppler results.
This study found that a higher rate of dysplasia was associated with villous (50%) and tubulovillous (62.
3The placenta exhibits multiple gross and microscopic alterations in gestational diabetes mellitus such as increase in the proliferative rate of trophoblasts, stromal cells and villous capillaries of placental tissue.
Attachment of nematode and cestodes were noticed with mucosa of Ilium and also observed convoluted tracks in crop mucosa, necrosis of gland Cells, infiltration of inflammatory cells in lamina propia in intestine of infected Guinea fowl [9] Observed villous atrophy in R.
The distal villous hypoplasia (DVH) pattern is connected to fetal growth restriction of the placenta, potentially offering a new approach to placental evaluation.
Samples of villous tissue were taken across the placenta halfway between the maternal and fetal sides and the large vessels were removed leaving only villous tissue [22, 23].
This intra-articular condition of unknown etiology is marked by villous synovial proliferation with replacement of the subsynovial tissue by adipose tissue and mature fat cells [2].
Drymonia squamosa differs from other species of Drymonia by dense clusters of scales on the petioles, glabrate leaf blades with minute punctations on the lower surface, calyx appearing swollen at base with lanceolate lobes, corolla villous to lanate, and style with glandular trichomes.
Thawani and her associates used Swedish pathology registries to identify individuals whose small intestine biopsies showed villous atrophy between 1969 and 2008 (Marsh stage 3, n = 28,232).
P57KIP2 was strongly expressed in villous cytotro-phoblast and villous mesenchyme in 33 (66%) partial hydatidiform moles.