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Synonyms for villainous

Synonyms for villainous

utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior

Synonyms for villainous

extremely wicked


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The other officers were coarse, illiterate fellows, but little above the villainous crew they bullied, and were only too glad to avoid social intercourse with the polished English noble and his lady, so that the Claytons were left very much to themselves.
If anything more than usually villainous in the boy-line crops up in our neighbourhood, we know that it is Biggs's latest.
The evil eyes narrowed, a vicious, thin-lipped smile tortured the villainous face, as Mohammed Beyd grinned knowingly into the face of the Belgian.
Don't you remember what a beastly time we had up in the bush - how they kept us day after day in that villainous hut because it was a fetish week, and how after we had got the concessions those confounded niggers followed us
The contents of the flask were boiling furiously, while a villainous smell filled the room.
Even then she was on the wild coast of Malaita, and at Poonga-Poonga, of all villainous and dangerous portions the worst, peopled with a teeming population of head-hunters, robbers, and murderers.
I saw first my old enemy, Screw, with his villainous face much paler than usual; next, two respectably-dressed strangers whom he appeared to have brought into the room; and next to them Young File, addressing himself to the doctor.
But no, thank heaven, both man and horse were gone, and nothing was left to witness against me but two objects - unpleasant enough in themselves to be sure, and presenting a very ugly, not to say murderous appearance - in one place, the hat saturated with rain and coated with mud, indented and broken above the brim by that villainous whip-handle; in another, the crimson handkerchief, soaking in a deeply tinctured pool of water - for much rain had fallen in the interim.
The old woman I mentioned, ma'am,' said Bounderby, cutting the matter short, as it was nothing to boast about, 'is not laid hold of; but, she may take her oath she will be, if that is any satisfaction to her villainous old mind.
You're a rough speaker, my friend, but you look an honest, open-hearted man,' said the old gentleman: turning his spectacles in the direction of the candidate for Oliver's premium, whose villainous countenance was a regular stamped receipt for cruelty.
25pm The swashbuckling rogues join forces with old foe Barbossa against villainous Lord Beckett.
Whittaker is shamefully underused, but Scanlan channels the villainous spirit of Pam Ferris in Roald Dahl's Matilda.
When Scorch ventures to the Dark Planet - Earth - and is captured by villainous General Shanker (William Shatner), Gary must play the hero for once.
Playing a villainous character is far more calming as you are allowed to show your raw emotions.
DW Shattock, Bristol A Jack Ellis was best known for playing the villainous prison guard in the TV series Bad Girls.