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It has been all too ready to join forces with the vilifiers of Israel, as demonstrated by its enthusiasm for Stephen Walt's and John Mearsheimer's fact-challenged and poorly argued claims, according to which for decades "the Israel Lobby" has dictated American foreign policy in the Middle East while Cold War containment of the Soviet Union and maintenance of the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf, apparently, had little or no impact on America's conduct in the region.
This is particularly the case for most contemporary Holocaust Denial, in which perpetrators are consistently proclaiming their intent to be revisionists of conventional historical analyses, not antisemitic vilifiers.
Fray Luis' vilifiers, indeed, accused him of claiming that "melior translatio potest haberi scripturae sanctae ea quae nunc est in ecclesia" ("There can be a better translation of the Holy Scriptures than the one now used by the Church" -- Proposition 13 [Alcala 1991: 4]).
The World Bank, the WTO and the pro-free-trade first-world press have pulled out all the stops in their efforts to portray the protestors as a rag-bag of luddites, protectionists and economic illiterates, only to find that the protest movement had put down roots in so many separate areas of social life -- churches, unions, students, the professional-managerial classes -- that such misconstruction merely damaged the credibility of the vilifiers.
Mexico's Left, which harbors the nation's most acerbic vilifiers of the United States, is beset by deep divisions that minimize its chances of taking over Los Pinos.