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Synonyms for vileness

the quality of being wicked

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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I went round to the other side of the grave, where there was nothing to read, nothing of earthly vileness to force its way between her spirit and mine.
No administrative hand has shown up to put a check to this vileness.
While the numbers of dead, both in Srebrenica and Bergen-Belsen, far outnumber those of the crime Peled writes about, the use of bulldozers on the dead and the incredible vileness of the killing act evoke pictures that are hard to take.
Himself alone Could thus have dared the grave to agitate And claim, among the dead, this awful crown; Nor doubt that He marked also for his own Close to these cloistral steps a burial-place, That every foot might fall with heavier tread, Trampling upon his vileness.
Nixon also plays with the evil stepmother character, explaining her vileness to Cinderella by having the girl (wrongly) blamed for her father's death which is really the fault of the two sisters.
The vileness of the crimes that have been committed should not be ignored.
In this struggle, his crowning achievement is his A Study in Abjection: "The forthright words of condemnation which here weighed vileness in the balance and found it wanting--they proclaimed their writer's renunciation of all moral scepticism, of every kind of sympathy with the abyss; they declared his repudiation of the laxity of that compassionate principle which holds that to understand all is to forgive all" (207).
The drawings and paintings were the work of school children, mainly ages 8 to 16, who were instructed to depict the vileness of drug abuse.
I now check pictures of people who want to follow me and you wouldn't believe some of the vileness you can see.
74) If presented properly by competent witnesses, this evidence typically distances the defendant from the vileness of the crime, elicits sympathy from the jurors, and may even highlight the defendant's remorse.
The revolts against corrupted elites that serve the decadent Western powers will rise because the capitalistic system based on greed, vileness, idolatry of hedonism, racism, and fatalism is unsustainable.
Vile as nuclear weapons are, it is the very fact of their vileness that deters even the most ruthless dictator from using them.
Mists of metamorphosis Men to swine, strength to blows Grace to lizard prances, honour To sweetmeats on the tongues of vileness There rose a shrillness in the air Grunts, squeals, cackles, wheezes Remainder membranes of once human throats A thundercrack in air--the whip Of Circe calling home her flock Of transformations?
The vileness and obscenity of the communication from some of those who consider themselves to be the soldiers of righteousness is very telling to me," Lyons said.
We seem to be seeing so much vileness and bitterness in the game with some unsavoury chants, attacks on referees and increased levels of racism.