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Synonyms for vigour

Synonyms for vigour

active strength of body or mind

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an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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In addition, seedling vigour was determined in germinated seeds: length of the shoot (cm), length of the root (cm), fresh weight (g) of seedlings (root + shoot) (Stanisavljevic et al.
There was significant influence of sowing dates on protein content, and germination %, seed viability (%) with Tetrazolium test and seed vigour (%) with Accelerated agieng at both harvest and 30 days after harvest.
Bel Vigour embodies the strength and style of every woman whether young, old, healthy or ill.
Following a series of other definitions, it was evident that vigour was a concept that described several characteristics, which in turn were associated with various aspects of performance of germinating seed or subsequent seedling [16].
The firm has also made a growth platform to construct connected applications that run on any device, with Vigour Video a customisable app template its first product.
Plant vigour versus plant stress: a false dichotomy.
Efficacy of seed treatment on germination, seedling emergence and vigour of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) genotypes.
And he said if the Greens had a presence in the National Assembly, they would bring vigour and life back into Welsh politics.
The Labour Party is a right-of-centre party which has pursued Tory policies with vigour.
Frank Gehry's kaleidoscopic palace of American pop culture has a radical but inventive formal and material vigour.
Assessment of germination, root length, shoot length and vigour index of chickpea.
Development of an image analysis aided seeding growth test for winter oilsee rape and verification as a vigour test.