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a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

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Psychological state of the referees reference group before and after the match is shifted to the area of psychological comfort in comparison with the general population, which generally means a higher percentage of components of psychological well-being (P) and activity and vigorousness (A), together with a lower percentage of components of stress (S), anxious expectations and fears(U), depression (D) and impulsiveness (O) in referees.
Ironically, word of a few small failures in fiscally weaker countries such as Portugal or Spain could actually boost confidence in the vigorousness of the testing process.
This callus induction seemed to be responsible for reduced shoot length and vigorousness.
They are not very deep or full, nor have they sufficient inherent vigorousness to enable their author, in any probability, to win a name among English poets; but they are sweet and pure verses which it must have given him great pleasure to write, and of which he has no need to be ashamed.
The bodies of white middle-class women--as carriers of vigorousness and sickness, sexuality, reproduction, and morality-were the focus of many public debates, social projects, scientific interest, and also several campaigns conducted by advocates of women's rights.
The score's vigorousness and variety are remarkable, threading together delicate melodies with driving, combustible ones, double-edged comic sketches with celebratory anthems, dirty funk, hippie-dippie lovefests and satirical ditties.
Examples of such behavior might include those tied to social affiliation, talkativeness, assertiveness, energy and activity levels, vigorousness, boldness, and daring (Goldberg, 1992).
According to European Standard EN22 (1974), vigorousness of all larvae was assessed before the experiments and nonreactive or unhealthy specimens were thrust aside.
Similarly, a soldier will be good at fighting to the extent that he has (1) a thorough command of military techniques, (2) the ability and willingness to obey commands even under severe duress, and (3) bravery and vigorousness in the presence of personal danger.
Creativity in education: Clearness in perception, vigorousness in curiosity, Education for Information 24 (2-3):139-51.
Does the impetus toward greater vigorousness extend to these direct exchanges between journalists and officials?
16) While the Court of Appeals rather curtly upholds the district court's ruling that such a claim is invalid, the vigorousness of the dissent--and its turn to seventeenth-century English common law in order to hold that the plaintiffs are indeed U.
Eager vigorousness animates otherwise-civilized habitual bathgoer.
In many aspects, both countries shared common characteristics in their social sectors, prominently the vigorousness of the movement that had grown during the long period of dictatorships in both countries.