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in a watchful manner


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There were some terrorist moves along some of our borders, which were all defused by our border guards vigilantly," he added.
TIGHT WATCH - Dagupan City Agriculturist Emma Molina vigilantly monitors movement of shellfish entering Dagupan City from Pangasinan's coastal towns to keep consumers safe from red tide poisoning.
Elias proudly and vigilantly guarded Frank's legacy, serving as president of the Anne Frank Fonds, the organization founded by Otto Frank, since 1996.
While on an annual inspection visit to NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bureau he directed all ranks of officers of the bureau to work more vigilantly diligently and honestly in order to curb corruption and corrupt practices from the country.
The safety authorities in Macedonia vigilantly follow the situation in the region and abroad.
We are vigilantly monitoring developments to ensure that Philippine export interest is not negatively affected, and that the gains from (WTO) ruling would remain secure for the benefit of the exporters," Trade Assistant Secretary Ceferino Rodolfo said Friday.
States work vigilantly to maintain the drinking water standards set in the federal act.
We call on all our teachers to vigilantly guard and protect the status of the profession by refraining from such behaviour.
It merits mentioned here that cyber crimes have witnessed an upward trend due to latest technological advancement and the response centres for cyber crimes are working vigilantly to tackle this menace.
Summary: Residents of northeast Lebanon border towns are becoming increasingly concerned for their own safety as tensions rise over infrastructure issues due to the the deluge of refugees, and security forces erect a barricade along the border to vigilantly monitor ingresses.
The differences in the region are not and should not be seen as a zero-sum game and a deal with Iran can be advantageous to all if it is negotiated vigilantly.
It is no secret that fraud and corruption are risks that need to be vigilantly managed in the Middle East.
He urged citizens and expatriates to remain reassured that the authorities concerned are vigilantly monitoring the seism and volcanic activity around the clock and would report to the relevant authority in case of any earthquake for necessary measures to be taken for the safety of people.
It was therefore important for the industry to safeguard the finance life cycle vigilantly.
The technology vigilantly monitors the security of a web App or website.