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the actions of a vigilance committee in trying to enforce the laws

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New Delhi [India], July 15 ( ANI ): Responding to Union Minister Ramdas Athawale's comment on cow vigilantism, the Communist Party of India (CPI) urged the former to take up the matter with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rather than 'talking here and there'.
Better to focus on a wholesale revamping of Nacta and re-energising of NAP than to attempt ad hoc interventions that could turn citizen against citizen and promote vigilantism.
Muzaffarpur (Bihar) [India], January 31 ( ANI ): In yet another incident of cow vigilantism, a mob in Bihar's Muzaffarpur vandalized a truck and thrashed its driver on suspicion that he was carrying beef in the vehicle.
The SC also directed all states to file a compliance report in connection with the increasing incidents of violence due to cow vigilantism.
ICCL's director Liam Herrick added: "Campaigns of this type can have the effect of encouraging a type of vigilantism, including unlawful invasions of privacy.
Incidents of cow vigilantism are a matter of concern as they put the government in bad light, but such incidents are happening everywhere and not just Rajasthan.
The nature of the violence unleashed by the gau rakshaks vindicates that the real objective of cow vigilantism appears is targeting a particular community rather than protecting the cows.
Officers say the page has become a useful tool in the fight against crime, but have reminded people of the importance of not using racist or abusive language, or resorting to vigilantism.
The problem of vigilantism is not limited to Saudi Arabia.
This is the first time the prime minister has spoken out on cow vigilantism.
Felix Pasquin, rector of the San Sebastian Cathedral, said the tarpaulin would clearly convey the Church position against vigilantism in the same way that it showed its opposition to reproductive health law when it hanged its famous 'Team Patay, Team Buhay' (Team Death, Team Life) tarpaulin.
Yet this niche-release portrait of noble vigilantism in the face of insurmountable crisis could be too bleak to convert many Americans to its cause.
Reports circulated online last week of people setting up unauthorised checkpoints at the entrances of mosques, which prompted the Interior Ministry to put out a statement reinforcing the fact that "law enforcement and capturing of criminals are the roles of the police", in a bid to deter any potential vigilantism.
Foreign governments warn against royal vigilantism and suggest that Thai lA"se-majeste laws are no defense outside the country.
More than just a dictionary, this volume provides full descriptions of terms from vigilantism to irregular forces.