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member of a vigilance committee

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Backing the plans, he said: "In terms of vigilanteism (sic), I'm sure there will be some.
That way lies witch hunt, vigilanteism and persecution.
Frontier vigilanteism, night riding in the south, the internment of Americans of Japanese descent in World War Two, red-baiting in the 1950s - these extreme manifestations of majoritarian rule did not violate our beginnings but reflected them.
It was to satirise the way the media covers the issue of paedophilia, which encourages lynch mob law and vigilanteism.
What interests him is a "modern-day vigilanteism," [13] that is, community patrols organized, staffed, and implemented by ordinary citizens.
The only way to keep vigilanteism and violence out of the equation is to give the authorities a visibly effective framework for dealing with paedophiles.