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member of a vigilance committee

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Paperback Vigilante, a documentary directed by Peter Davis and Steffan Lam originally released in 1974, presents a straightforward narrative of Hunt's exploits accompanied by extensive archival footage.
Adam Taylor, 27, from Guisborough: "If police were harder on the original people doing the crime, then there would be less of a need for vigilante attitudes.
Rainforest Alliance-certified products entered the market place two years ago, but Vigilante predicts that the next two years will be a tremendous period of growth.
But the possibility of vigilante attacks is concerning, as foolish people will always take the law into their own hands.
Another vigilante, a dealer of Filson wool coats, says a competitor routinely tries to "fob" other wool coats as Filsons.
When the guard didn't recognise him, the vigilante dropped him back where he found him.
It's no wonder these caped or masked (or green-skinned) crusaders have a soft place in their hearts for vigilante justice.
A vigilante has been pushing untaxed drivers into the arms of the law by issuing bogus enforcement notices.
Punishment beatings or any type of vigilante attack, by whatever group, are as low as the crimes carried out by those they claim to punish.
VILLAGERS in Stretton-on-Dunsmore are being urged to fight crime under the Neighbourhood Watch banner, rather than resort to vigilante groups.
They are living with new identities to protect them from vigilante groups bent on revenge.
The collection also boasts a variety of aircraft, including the NTA-4F Skyhawk, A-7E Corsair II, QF-86 drone, DF-8L Crusader, RA-5C Vigilante, AV-8A Harrier, A-6E Intruder and F/A-18A Hornet; several significant range instrumentation and target items; and a tribute to the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's search-and-rescue (SAR) team, including a UH-l "Huey" SAR helo.
In Chapter 2, Stock analyzes what she calls the "sourer side" of rural radicalism, by which she means the "hatred, intolerance, and vigilante violence" (p.
Vigilante, a veteran writer and director of a small nonprofit think tank, the Center for Social Thought, tells it with blow-by-blow insider thoroughness, though he seems less successful in conveying the larger picture.