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member of a vigilance committee

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Tim Rothwell, President of Marvel's Worldwide Consumer Products Group, said: "The Marvel Universe and all of its characters continue to provide engaging content in the interactive arena, and THQ is doing a great job translating this popular vigilante to the major consoles.
Specifically, the Assembly urged Ajimobi to consider giving vigilante groups salary and mandate the Chairmen of local government areas and local council development areas to recruit more vigilante members.
You don't come to my f***ing house, do I make myself clear VIGILANTE belfast recorded on facebook
Lagman enumerated the following similarities between the drug war and the Davao Death Squad-unabated extrajudicial killings; monetary rewards to the killers; victims are mostly poor and petty suspected criminals; involvement of police and their vigilante cohorts; tolerance and complicity by the higher-ups; and impunity favoring the assassins.
Ophelia also assures Jules that Evan won't find out about their secret vigilante operation.
That is why the gardai are right when they claim vigilante groups are a cause for concern - especially to the paedophiles.
A CHEF was caught trying to meet a child by vigilantes.
According to Maidawa, the attention of the Headquarters 4 Brigade Nigerian Army had been drawn to a malicious story going round mainstream and Social Media alleging that soldiers killed a vigilante and released suspected herdsmen.
I don't agree with the vigilante stuff 'The Phantom'
31 (ANI): The Supreme Court will on Tuesday hear several pleas seeking ban on cow vigilante groups across the nation.
The senior police officer shall take prompt action and ensure that vigilante groups and such people are prosecuted with [promptly].
Vitaliano Aguirre said there were only around 1,000 victims of vigilante killings since President Duterte waged war against drugs in July last year until May, a claim at least one senator did not accept at face value.
Can you expose the chain from the peon to the highest functionary through your vigilante group?
James (Mehcad Brooks) will start using his position as the head of CatCo Worldwide Media to build up the image of his vigilante identity, Guardian.
In the recent times the use of the police is been joggled with the vigilante in most developing democracies.