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a volunteer committee to maintain order where an efficient legal system does not exist

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Formation of vigilance committees ordered by District and Session court influenced conservation efforts positively overall the district, government departments such as wildlife, forest, revenue, police, rangers, local persons from NGOs and media were members of these vigilance committees.
PDS related records will be placed in public domain, Social audit will be taken up and Vigilance Committees will be set up.
It was informally supported through the cheap pamphlets of the Catholic Truth Society and the work of vigilance committees.
Several people among them reported a situation of insecurity prevailing in Libya whose population have set up vigilance committees tasked with ensuring road safety.
We have trained more than 50 vigilance committees in various camps.
The study reveals that District level vigilance Committees and block level Vigilance Committees have not been constituted in both the selected districts.
ISLAMABAD: The Citizen Rights and Vigilance Committees (CRVCs) constituted by the Capital Police in 14 police stations may not function independently and properly, as their members have a reputation of being police-friendly.
The new policy forsees the setting up of vigilance committees at the local level and co-ordination of the judiciary, security agencies, government departments and other institutions to achieve the objective of women's protection.
Salemo documents the formation of two hundred and thirty female anti-slavery societies (FASS) in the United States between 1832-59, tracing the change in women's anti-slavery activities from moral suasion and petitioning to fairs, vigilance committees, and formal politics.
Free blacks in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston formed vigilance committees that used the law and, if necessary, violence to prevent kidnappings.
To preclude such an outcome, vigilance committees were organized.
b) Vigilance Committees have been constituted for all purchase depots of the tobacco companies so as to settle disputes, if any, to the satisfaction of both the growers and the buyers.
Bands of roving thieves and marauders plagued the western frontier region and parts of southern Louisiana, leading local citizens to form vigilance committees to protect their lives and property.
He said that members of security and vigilance committees should be made more active to ensure effective policing and action must be taken against anti-social elements.