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a volunteer committee to maintain order where an efficient legal system does not exist

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The Act also provides for social audits and setting up of Vigilance Committees in order to ensure transparency and accountability.
Honourable court called a high profile meeting of all government departments to stop these activities in the district and made vigilance committees at district and sub-district level to oversee biodiversity issues and take appropriate timely measures.
Measures to ensure more effective role of local bodies in the implementation of National Food Security Act, revamping of vigilance committees at various levels to keep a watch on distribution system, new norms for identification of beneficiaries for distribution of sugar and kerosene under PDS, as National Food Security Act does not have BPL category, are also on the agenda of the meet.
In the 1920s and 1930s his organisation within the Seamen's Vigilance Committees, unemployed demonstrations, and hunger marches from Liverpool became part of a wider cultural force.
In the meantime, Minister Douglas Devananda speaking from Colombo said that when he is in Jaffna, he will speak with the people and consider appointing vigilance Committees in every village to counter Grease menace issue.
During the reporting period, the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) distributed the government's National Procedural Manual for Assisting Trafficking Victims to all relevant ministries, vigilance committees, NGOs, and foreign embassies.
Several people among them reported a situation of insecurity prevailing in Libya whose population have set up vigilance committees tasked with ensuring road safety.
58) Coleman's piece is a discussion of all three of the Vigilance Committees of which he was a leader, those of 1851, 1856, and 1877.
The study reveals that District level vigilance Committees and block level Vigilance Committees have not been constituted in both the selected districts.
ISLAMABAD: The Citizen Rights and Vigilance Committees (CRVCs) constituted by the Capital Police in 14 police stations may not function independently and properly, as their members have a reputation of being police-friendly.
Additionally, he challenges the concepts of frontier justice and actions of vigilance committees as accepted alternatives to legal methods of dispensing justice and punishment.
The new policy forsees the setting up of vigilance committees at the local level and co-ordination of the judiciary, security agencies, government departments and other institutions to achieve the objective of women's protection.
Free blacks in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston formed vigilance committees that used the law and, if necessary, violence to prevent kidnappings.
b) Vigilance Committees have been constituted for all purchase depots of the tobacco companies so as to settle disputes, if any, to the satisfaction of both the growers and the buyers.