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the audience reached by television

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17 NFL regular-season games were watched by 25 million viewers -- nearly double the 2009 total (nine) and the most for a single regular season ever.
The CBS audience tends to be older, so we feel that appealing to younger Internet viewers creates more exposure for the network.
On the whole, the works produced by the artists ignoring the viewer-participants seemed to be the most successful ones, proving that while the viewer is a crucial element in the process, her role takes center stage after rather than before or during a work's creation.
Town & Country Living" promise that regular viewers of the show will not be forsaken, as at least 60 percent of the weekly show will still offer ag news, weather, business information and market reports.
This picture, on the other hand, pulls viewers into the picture, stressing the significance of the press conference itself instead of just describing another talking head.
Moreover, in the Bible the verse continues "for the hand of God hath touched me," possibly suggesting to some viewers that Christ is like Job because both men suffered as the result of God's touch.
The result: Veoh now offers the most comprehensive platform for Internet video, providing viewers the widest range of programming at the highest quality available, and publishers the broadest reach.
Despite jettisoning five hours of prime November sweeps programming due to sundry scandals, real or imagined, the network has experienced substantial increases in viewers overall and in key demographics.
An aluminum lectern with two microphones stood near a large pane of glass; viewers could sit in chairs on one side of the "window" or stand at the lectern on the other side.
are typical questions viewers might see on Wednesday nights as they watch "Top Design.
The cable network's format unveiled Monday seems to be aimed at the computer-savvy, viewers who are accustomed to sorting through a wide range of colorful images, gleaning that which is important to them and dismissing the rest.
On paying for a general-admission pass to the festival, viewers received a packet that included a map delineating the locations of Janssens's interventions and a telephone card that provided a 900 number that visitors could use to call the artist's answering machine.
Like its online counterpart, TVLocalSearch is free for consumers, easy to use, and gives viewers relevant information when they want it.
CNBC is moving aggressively to snatch some of television's wealthiest viewers following last week's resignation of Lou Dobbs, anchor of the business program ``Moneyline'' on CNN.
For though viewers did have "physical and practical" contact with his work (or better, impractical contact: they dragged logs on rope leashes, labored up ramps, and rolled about inside a concrete culvert), it did not last long.