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Synonyms for view

Synonyms for view

an act of directing the eyes on an object

something believed or accepted as true by a person

to direct the eyes on an object

to look upon in a particular way

Synonyms for view

the act of looking or seeing or observing

the range of the eye


Related Words

graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept

the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated

outward appearance

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Exhibit 12: Huawei RRU Front View, Plastic Cover Removed .
Given the foregoing, one can understand why political parties in Canada do not buy easily into policies consistent with the traditional view of sex.
In the Decision Support System and Phase views, users can click within the view to further enlarge subsections of elements on the chart.
When a reader asked how to create a group of custom views of a spreadsheet (JofA, Jul.
The integration of Synthetix adds powerful new search capability to the existing tool set available in the widely-used IPRO View.
The characteristics view gives clear text descriptions of the dimensions, weight, material, and physical attributes of the item.
Comprehension-based approaches advocate a pre-speaking, "silent period" and view listening as the foundational skill for all language development (Omaggio Hadley, 1993).
The patent-pending combination of the M1400's wide-angle display and Motion's View Anywhere technology yields exceptional display clarity and visibility at all angles and in a broader range of lighting conditions.
At issue is Grand Canyon: A Different View, compiled by Tom Vail, a Colorado River guide.
There are four different points of view used in fiction: first person, second person, third person and omniscient.
Field of view denotes the width of the focused image as it appears through the eyepiece.
A View was entered into the Stationers' Register in 1598.
Texts such as these seem to ask of an exhibition like "Viewing Olmsted," Is vision the most illuminating lens through which to view Olmsted?
In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, one view seeker compared the layout of Flick's community of Innis Arden--a posh shoreline enclave just north of Seattle--to a stadium.
A powerful way to help management students develop their ability to view organizations from multiple perspectives is to emphasize a multisystemic approach to understanding organizations and organizational structure.