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a game played against a computer

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Besides creating video games, Will Wright also enjoys building robots.
But his real interest is in video games and how the military might incorporate them into training.
A recent study from Leeds University in the United Kingdom reports that 11- to 16-year-olds who regularly play video games get consistently lower grades in school.
Video games are an appealing target for a public figure in search of a crusade.
There are jobs in video game animation at a time when traditional two-dimensional animation is dying down.
The brochure also gives suggestions for parents who want to monitor their children's video game activities.
Tengen develops and markets video game software for video game systems worldwide, including the Sega Genesis and Sega CD systems and the portable Sega Game Gear.
Defining the video games industry is becoming increasingly complex
The video game publishers believe that they put an excellent offer on the table that includes a 35 percent (wage) increase over the life of the agreement for voice actors,'' said Bob Finlayson, spokesman for the interactive publishing bargaining group.
Besides Taiwan, Nintendo and the 70 other companies today also filed Special 301 comments against Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Singapore and the People's Republic of China for failing to protect against video game piracy and trademark infringement.
Going ``straight to video'' has new meaning these days as movie studios seek to parlay blockbuster titles into hit video games - the single most lucrative merchandising opportunity for films.
Both presenters and conference attendees will also have a chance to try their hands at the newest in video game hardware and software including the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy portable video game system.
color) From left, Jason Albertson, 23, and Robb Parter, 24, both of Northridge, play the NFL Fever 2003 video game Monday at Best Buy in Canoga Park.
CALABASAS - When Jim Boone was growing up, he and his fellow video game addicts figured you gotta be some kind of genius to have created titles like Space Invaders and Tempest.