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Synonyms for victor

Synonyms for victor

one that conquers

one that wins a contest or competition


Synonyms for victor

a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

the contestant who wins the contest

References in classic literature ?
said Father Victor, who, wise in the confessional, heard the pain in every sentence.
Kim put two or three questions in English to Father Victor, translating the replies to the lama.
Well,'said Father Victor in English, when Kim had translated, 'that depends.
Father Victor was long past any sense of amazement.
He'll run slap into the sentries,' cried Father Victor, jumping up as the lama stalked out; 'but I can't leave the boy.
They talked long in undertones, Father Victor urging some scheme on Mr Bennett, who seemed incredulous.
It's miraculous past all whooping, Colonel,' said Father Victor, when he had talked without a break for ten minutes.
You, at least, Sir Knight,'' he added, turning to the victor, who had remained near the gallery, ``will this day share our banquet?
A more sincere and more general, as well as a better-merited acclamation, attended the victor of the day, until, anxious to withdraw himself from popular notice, he accepted the accommodation of one of those pavilions pitched at the extremities of the lists, the use of which was courteously tendered him by the marshals of the field.
Greden, Victor, Fontaine, and Lubetsky (1980), for example, suggested that women may abuse caffeine because clinicians are more likely to prescribe sedatives, stimulants, and tranquilizers to them.
Victor Frankenstein, a native of Geneva who early evinces a talent in natural science.
Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has been seeing Jack (Peter Bergmann) ever since she decided to leave Victor (Eric Braden) for good on the CBS soap.
Abu Dhabi: Oxana Victor hails from a small Eastern European and former Soviet republic country - Moldova.
Pauline takes to Victor's lessons of self-defence in only the way a woman fighting for her life can and she repays Victor, grudgingly, by helping Victor steal painkillers so Victor can properly treat the workers at the camp he is stationed at.
While revealing several high profile projects for the historic music company, the firm also announced the establishment of two Victor Talking Machine Label Group facilities in Camden County.
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