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governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of his or her king or sovereign


showy American butterfly resembling the monarch but smaller

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The varying support given by the indigenous governments to the belligerent sides was therefore gained through negotiation with native authorities, conviction, or simple coercion, and the formation of varied troops contributed to breaking the ethnical social stratification of the viceroyal times.
Aboriginal and Viceroyal Epochs) e tantos outros autores que ainda hoje sao referencia fundamental nos estudos da musica pre-colombiana andina.
Francisco Maldonado da Silva constituted the most emblematic case of a Sephardi-Jew who did not give in to the Holy Office pressure, and was burned to death in Lima, the viceroyal capital, in the auto-da-fe carried out in 1639.
Wade menciona las dos copias pero acepta erroneamente que son "copies from the original [enfasis mio] that exists in the viceroyal oldest documents" (Wade 2003: 68).
Another important holding is the Museum's collection of Mexican retablos and works from the Mexican Viceroyal, including works by Nicolas Enriquez, Antonio de Torres, Francisco Martinez, and Juan Sanchez Salmaron.
On the contrary, in chapter 4, "The Struggle for Signs" (74-91), she ties the battle for emancipation that characterizes Latin American writing, in her view from the 1880's forward, (though el sujeto colonial's discursive belligerence is evident in viceroyal texts), to a process of linguistic appropriation, reinscription, or "re-accentuation".