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Synonyms for vibration

Synonyms for vibration

the act of vibrating

(physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean

a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively


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He knew what a spoken word was, and how it acted upon the air, or the ether, that carried its vibrations from the lips to the ear.
He listened and learned what even he had not known before, that a solid metallic body could take up from the air all the countless varieties of vibrations produced by speech, and that these vibrations could be carried along a wire and reproduced exactly by a second metallic body.
Perceiving that no respite, nor reprieve, nor subterfuge was possible, he bravely decided upon his course of action; he wound his right foot round his left leg, raised himself on his left foot, and stretched out his arm: but at the moment when his hand touched the manikin, his body, which was now supported upon one leg only, wavered on the stool which had but three; he made an involuntary effort to support himself by the manikin, lost his balance, and fell heavily to the ground, deafened by the fatal vibration of the thousand bells of the manikin, which, yielding to the impulse imparted by his hand, described first a rotary motion, and then swayed majestically between the two posts.
Keywords: transport, ground-borne vibration, numerical modelling, vibration map.
Strong evidence of drowsiness was found as there was a significant increase in reaction time and number of lapse following exposure to vibration in both conditions.
A Vibration in industrial rotating equipment can be an indication of problems and should be addressed as the cause of the vibration can lead to poor performance and ultimately equipment failure.
The news publication said the patent is for a vibration system of a handheld device that produces sensations based on what is taking place on the screen.
Not only does it support the engine, it also absorbs the vibrations generated by the engine, reducing vibrations of the vehicle frame and vibrations felt inside the vehicle.
While the app may not replace higher-spec vibration test equipment, it will be a useful piece of kit for on-the-fly tests.
c] tool will separate from the workpiece and the condition for the vibration cutting is satisfied, otherwise it stays a conventional cutting process.
Vibration is a common phenomenon occurring in machines and equipment.
2, she and other academics hosted a vibration workshop to inform representatives from different industries--including mining, fabrication and maintenance--about the risks associated with exposure to vibration, and how to reduce that exposure.
Equipped with an all-axis vibration system, theTCB-1.
For turning process research the special cutting tool with ultrasonic vibration actuator of pie-zoceramics was created.
Key words: Vibration, Functionally graded cylindrical shell, Love's theory, Wave propagation method, Winkler and Pasternak foundations.