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  • verb

Synonyms for vibrate

Synonyms for vibrate

to move to and fro in short, jerky movements

to move to and fro violently

Synonyms for vibrate

shake, quiver, or throb

move or swing from side to side regularly


be undecided about something

sound with resonance

feel sudden intense sensation or emotion

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Each string has been stretched, or "tuned," to vibrate back and forth at just the right speed to make the sound of a musical note.
The clock includes a cordless vibrating pad with an on/off switch that will vibrate when the alarm sounds if the clock is set for vibration.
Sound is transmitted as waves that vibrate through the air.
He will need to explain to me how colours can vibrate in the sky of Teesside, because how colours can vibrate is beyond the imagination of a humble Luddite like me.
JAPAN: Old fashioned toothbrushes are losing favor with consumers who prefer electric models that feature increasingly advanced functions, such as generating sonic waves and heads that vibrate at high speed.
capacity for breaking up sand (on display), Grid Tables--raise flasks off roller conveyor to vibrate & compact sand around patterns, and Vibrators--styles and models for match plate, molding, shell core, & rollover machines (on display).
The implant being developed at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, south-west London, has bar-shaped elements that vibrate in response to sound.
The unit is supported on a circular base by springs, allowing the screen assembly to vibrate freely without transmitting vibration to the plant floor.
The design of this bracket and stud arrangement is already of the double nut fashion and should not vibrate loose when properly installed and torqued.
This causes the anvil to vibrate and push the stirrup.
I've never seen the bullpen vibrate since I've been here,'' Lima said.
Cancerous cells are softer than normal cells, so they might vibrate at different frequencies than normal cells do.
For example, if the car drifts over a dashed lane marker with no oncoming traffic, a yellow light on the instrument panel display illuminates at the same time the left side of the driver's seat begins to vibrate.
and satellite radio station Music Bird said Friday they have developed technology for making natural flowers vibrate to create musical sounds.
Whether it's the lovely "Natasha," the vulnerable "Vibrate" ("My phone's on vibrate for you"), or the wrenching closer, "Dinner at Eight" (about his anger toward his father), it's more convincingly personal and sincere than ever.