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  • verb

Synonyms for vibrate

Synonyms for vibrate

to move to and fro in short, jerky movements

to move to and fro violently

Synonyms for vibrate

shake, quiver, or throb

move or swing from side to side regularly


be undecided about something

sound with resonance

feel sudden intense sensation or emotion

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The system, comprising an amplifier, vase and an acrylic resin cylinder, makes flowers' petals and leaves vibrate and transmit sounds, just as the paper cones of stereo speakers vibrate, the two said.
When light from a laser hits the strings, they begin to osciliate, much the way that strings on a standard instrument vibrate when plucked.
The nanoguitar is played when focused laser beams hit the strings, which vibrate and create interference patterns in the light reflected back.
Whether it's the lovely "Natasha," the vulnerable "Vibrate" ("My phone's on vibrate for you"), or the wrenching closer, "Dinner at Eight" (about his anger toward his father), it's more convincingly personal and sincere than ever.
Scientists in America devised special insoles that vibrate under the feet without being felt.
When the hammer strikes the string as a result of key depression, the string begins to vibrate, first along its full length--producing a sound called the fundamental--and then it vibrates in sections, first in halves, then in thirds, then quarters and so on, creating sounds called overtones or upper partials, which are higher in pitch than the fundamental.
I'm waiting in the "green room through what could be the longest 10 minutes of my life when my hip begins to vibrate and chirp.
The tread blocks and reinforcing belts vibrate and radiate energy outward, producing sound similarly to the vibrating cones in stereo speakers.
Resonance is the condition in which the components of a system - in this case, the plastic, the mold cavity, and the mold passageways - vibrate at the natural frequency of the system.
In blow molding, pistons incorporated into the wall of the mold vibrate the air as the mold closes around the parison, says Ibar.
If it senses bad letter formation or messy handwriting, it will gently vibrate.
When you talk, air travels out of your lungs and past your vocal chords causing these flaps of tissue in your throat and the air around them to vibrate.
When the back and forth motion of the air reaches our ear, it causes the part of our ear called the eardrum to vibrate, matching the vibration of the string, and we hear the musical note.
The eardrum, in turn, excites three little bones, which vibrate and amplify the sound.
He, Rugar, and other researchers in the field have built minute slivers, or cantilevers, of silicon or other materials that bend or vibrate like tiny diving boards in response to extremely small forces.