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purchasing insurance policies for cash from terminally ill policy holders


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This is due perhaps to the multiplication of social insects like the ant Cataglyphis viaticus, Tapinoma nigerrimum and Aphids with short biological cycle (parthenogenesis).
This results in the multiplication of social insects such as the ant Cataglyphis viaticus, Tapinoma nigerrimum and short-cycle Aphids (parthenogenesis).
173) According to Gary Choades of Viaticus, a large viatical settlement company, approximately 40% of his firm's viatication business is with non-AIDS patients.
Dennis, formerly Chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance, founded Viaticus, the first institutionally funded purchaser of life settlements.
Parker said CNA is not trying to sell Viaticus and that it would not respond to rumors about selling.
Steve Arenson, VP Marketing & Sales at Viaticus, a CNA company and the largest purchaser of life insurance contracts, says he the likes "the informative and interactive quality of the site, particularly the used life insurance appraiser that offers a sense of the likelihood that a policy can be sold, without falsely raising expectations.
Viaticus, an affiliate of CNA Insurance specializing in life settlements, agreed to purchase the policy for more than $500,000.
Berlin is the Chief Financial Officer and a Director of Viaticus, Inc.
Two Way's clients include major healthcare, financial services, travel and packaged-goods companies including CNA Insurance/CNA Re, Peapod, Reidell Shoes, Viaticus, Eli's Cheesecake, Children's Memorial Hospital, Tillotson, MediMedia and MDI Instruments.
And we choose funders, like Coventry Financial and Viaticus, who have impeccable reputations," he said.
Mark's prior experience will serve Viaticus well in the coming years.