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Synonyms for viable

Synonyms for viable

capable of occurring or being done

Synonyms for viable

capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

capable of life or normal growth and development

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The maximum value of Cd removal occurred at room temperature (30[degrees]C) in viable and non-viable biomass was 62.
Only with this awareness can one build an economically viable practice without the perverse incentives or risk of influence created by an ill-conceived subsidy from an institution or health plan.
For some, a viable education should "teach people to think, to use their rational powers, to become better problems solvers" (Gagne, 1980, p.
Experience has shown that a viable PACE site should achieve a break-even census of approximately 100 participants within two years of program startup and a total census high enough to generate a risk reserve fund within the next several years.
When you take this ice and melt it down, you do find some viable cells," says David M.
Although the net worth analysis method represents a viable investigative tool in certain circumstances, several limitations to its use exist.
Instead, it sent the case back to the trial court, "which shall order retrial of such of the claims for relief other than that covered by our decision, which the district court determines are still viable.
Organics are viable alternatives to heavy metals--but not equivalents.
Included in this book are advanced (and evolving) methods and technologies for planning and budgeting, creating and keeping customers, quality and productivity, innovation, improving organization capability, sustainability in the company's social and ecological environments, and profitability-all integrated with this new viable systems model and system thinking.
They have to figure out whether or not it's financially viable, and we have to figure out whether it's financially viable for us.
It's a slow process, but the condors are well on their way to reestablishing a viable wild population.
Tom Morris, Wasaya vice-president, says the agreement is inline with the company's mission of acquiring significant interest in viable businesses important to First Nation people for the purpose of generating economic benefits and returns while maintaining cultural principles and values.
The ability of 1394 devices to talk to each other, independent of a connection to a computer, made 1394 a viable, and useful, interface standard for digital video and other digital devices.
The group toured the most viable development sites in Peekskill and exchanged ideas and information that could inject new life into the city's revitalization efforts.
Improving efficiency is important for making such systems commercially viable.