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Synonyms for viable

Synonyms for viable

capable of occurring or being done

Synonyms for viable

capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

capable of life or normal growth and development

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The result shows that Cd adsorption was also very low at pH 3 and increased to pH 6 in viable biomass and pH 5 in non-viable biomass then reached the equilibrium after that (p < 0.
At 20 days of gestation, there were several proteins in the ULF adjacent to viable embryos, which were absent in the correspondent sites of non-viable conceptuses.
Long term IAS program success will depend on continued senior leader support, emphasizing this capability as a crucial mission enabler, promoting IAS as a viable secondary career path to competitive officers, and recognizing the value of these skills on promotion boards.
The study included women who were symptomatic with pain and/or bleeding at less than 13 weeks' gestation and who were ultimately confirmed by ultrasound to have a viable intrauterine pregnancy, he said.
When looking at the alternative to creating this type of a structure, they should establish the new entity as a viable economic corporation and to ensure that the business operates correctly.
When revenue exceeds expenses, the practice becomes economically viable, It is that simple.
It would not be economically viable to sell Finnair, the Finnish airline, according to Harri Holkeri, the chairman of the administrative council for Finnair.
Economically viable means that the farmer needs to receive a fair wage for his/her efforts/products, food is still available to the consumer at a reasonable cost, and our rural agrarian communities remain viable.
The first wild egg was not viable," says John Brooks of the California Condor Recovery Program.
In doing so, students are participating in determining whether or not the discussion has been educationally viable.
care must be taken to provide solutions that are doable, technically viable and will indeed accomplish the desired results.
If the potential location for a PACE site does not have sufficient elderly population eligible for nursing home placement, it is unlikely that a feasibility study will show that a PACE site can be financially viable.
Pushing the known envelope of life to a new extreme, scientists have found evidence that viable microorganisms populate a gigantic freshwater lake hidden for hundreds of thousands of years beneath the Antarctic ice sheet.
The authors submit that this technique, used successfully in tax evasion investigations, also offers a viable approach in non-tax financial crime investigations.
Organics are viable alternatives to heavy metals--but not equivalents.