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a middle way between two extremes


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To encourage cooperation through the exchange of programmes, propaganda and advertising materials, publications, films, promotion and marketing of their tourism products via media etc.
The lawmaker stressed that he "doesn't favor dispute via media outlets because it is not healthy and fruitless," pointing out to the presence of many other ways to direct a question or interrogate any minister via the presidency of the Parliament.
He exerted pressure on the SHO of concerned police station via media and finally he succeeded in registering an FIR on March 6.
For generations we have referred to Anglicanism as the via media -- a Christian tradition committed to finding its integrity in the essentials of both Catholic and Protestant traditions, while avoiding the extremes in both.
Doerksen seeks to correct several mistaken attitudes regarding the theological makeup and historical import of the English Church under James I, attitudes deriving, in part, from an "incorrect charting of the via media before Laud" (21).
The California ISO is committed to providing this critical information to the public via media interviews with energy experts as well as visual access to the control room, when possible, via a glassed observation room.
The Federation underscored the necessity to counter terrorism via media by safeguarding the public interest of Arab peoples in terms of knowing how to cover in a cautious way the terrorist incidents breaking out in Arab countries.
Service radio and video broadcasting weather information for the Meteorological Agency via media.
It is only when a case is reported via media, whether confirmed or suspected, that haphazard measures are attempted to be taken, Zahid said.
Macnica Networks and Solid will participate in joint sales and promotional activities via media seminars, conferences, expos and online activities.
Abou Faour confirmed that he would announce via media the name of each establishment that has commodities which violate food criteria and would encourage all successful economic establishments.
And it will enrich public debate on the role of technocracy in the EU, via media contributions and discussion for a with policy makers.
Even here the nominalist preference for a via media prevails, offering both branches of Christianity an alternative to artificial and polarized versions of doctrinal authority.
The company will disclose via media releases all relevant information concerning its operations.
They will also discuss the best means to support the Palestinian Cause and supporting the Arab countries via media, in addition to the role of the Arab media in fighting against terrorism.