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a doctor who practices veterinary medicine

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Much effort is being put into developing new tools to detect emerging diseases through veterinary practitioners.
He also served on the National Board Examination committee and initiated the first avian certifying examination for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.
It brings together regional veterinary practitioners and public health officials with manufacturers and suppliers of products and services from pharmaceuticals to food supplements as well as the technological advances in veterinary healthcare.
Antibiotics, surgical techniques and diagnostic techniques developed in animals for human application are available today for veterinary practitioners because research was conducted using animals.
While the Time Right Group became the entity that veterinary practitioners could identify with, the Tuck family opted for Pet Cremation Services as the trading name to reach out to individual pet owners.
Serving Maryland's Tri-County Region, the hospital works by referral only and advertises primarily to local general veterinary practitioners.
The new quarterly journal is targeted to equine veterinary practitioners and will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of horses as well as practice management.
No one argues that most medicines need to be pres- cribed by qualified veterinary practitioners, but the pen pushers wanted vets to have to prescribe everything, including vitamins, wormers, minerals, and all vaccines.
This industry comprises establishments of licensed veterinary practitioners primarily engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, dentistry, or surgery for animals; and establishments primarily engaged in providing testing services for licensed veterinary practitioners.
Factors such as rising animal health expenditure and the growing demand for pet insurance, increasing number of veterinary practitioners and their rising income levels in developed regions, increasing animal research along with growing research grants, and growth in the companion animals market are driving the growth of the global veterinary equipment and disposables market.
Private Veterinary Practitioners of Nigeria has called on veterinarians across the country to uphold the ethics of the profession.
The concise volume targets veterinary practitioners and students, as well as researchers.
8220;We are so pleased to invite veterinary practitioners to attend this 2013 Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference,” said Robin R.
At the end of 2008, we contacted veterinary practitioners from 938 veterinary practices in 16 departments in France by regular mail.
For veterinary practitioners, veterinarians in a control function, animal and food scientists, welfare scientists, students, auditing and inspection officials, and risk managers, Smulders (production animal medicine and veterinary public health, U.
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