veteran soldier

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a serviceman who has seen considerable active service

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While searching for a baseball, Pamela meets a veteran soldier in front of a statue commemorating Sgt.
A veteran soldier who walked 645km in 27 days from Muscat to Dubai to help an old friend says he gave his feet a pep talk when it all got too much.
The attacker was later described as a five-year veteran soldier, according to a report of the United Press International (UPI).
The project is part of the Government~s decision to implement an integrated Swedish veteran soldier politics.
The veteran soldier, was on his seventh tour of duty in Afghanistan.
CHOICE Call the Midwife (8pm) Jenny (Jessica Raine, left) hopes to improve her community practice experience, so she is placed on the district nursing roster, and grows close to an ailing veteran soldier (guest star Roy Hudd).
THEY REMEMBERED: A veteran soldier looks on during the ceremony at Ings Grove Park Cenotaph, Mirfield.
1983: A poignant moment as veteran soldier Joseph Wakeman, of Lea Hall British Legion Memorial Club, remembers fallen comrades in St Philip's churchyard in Birmingham.
The commentary is exquisitely appropriate in that it provides historical context without interfering with the personal story of the developing pilot and eventual veteran soldier.
The veteran soldier, 61, was working in Greece when he was found dead in bed.
For every 5,000 Facebook likes, the charity is gifting a dog to a veteran soldier with PTSD.
00pm) A veteran soldier is killed in an arson attack, and with all the victim's army friends killed in similar circumstances, the evidence incriminates the group's only surviving member.
Russell plays Todd, a veteran soldier who was raised from birth with one overriding dictum: kill or be killed.
In January, Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) officials sent a letter denying citizenship to Jackie Scott--daughter of a Canadian war veteran soldier and a British war bride--arguing that her Toronto-born father was not in fact a Canadian, despite having fought for his country.
SOLEMN OCCASION: A veteran soldier looks on during the ceremony at Ings Grove Park cenotaph, Mirfield, above, and, below, Air and Sea Cadets at the entrance to Huddersfield Parish Church Pictures by Andy Catchpool (AC131111Dmirf-04/AC1311Aparade-10) * PAYING THEIR RESPECTS: Members of Huddersfield Army Veterans wait to file into Huddersfield Parish Church (AC131111Aparade-09)
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