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Synonyms for veteran

Synonyms for veteran

one who has had long experience in a given activity or capacity

skilled or knowledgeable through long practice

Synonyms for veteran

a serviceman who has seen considerable active service

an experienced person who has been through many battles

rendered competent through trial and experience


References in classic literature ?
Apostrophizing the monks in these terms, and evidently regretting that he had not lived himself in those good old times, the veteran led the way back through the rooms.
The veteran obstinately matched her by becoming deafer than ever.
This, Captain Bonneville was assured by a veteran hunter in his company, was the great valley of the Seedske-dee; and the same informant would have fain persuaded him that a small stream, three feet deep, which he came to on the
exclaimed the veteran, turning short upon them; "back to the house with you
This may explain the fact of his importance rapidly declining; and, if privacy was his object, the veteran had soon a free indulgence of his wishes.
In a little while another veteran was discharged abruptly from the same door, clawing at the air for a saving support.
He and Tito Pagliardini, another phonetic veteran, were men whom it was impossible to dislike.
Through the hard century-old bark, even where there were no twigs, leaves had sprouted such as one could hardly believe the old veteran could have produced.
She handled the little ship like a veteran, though few veterans would have faced the menace of such a storm in so light a craft.
In it Sir Claude Latour, the Gascon lieutenant of the White Company, assured him that there remained in his keeping enough to fit out a hundred archers and twenty men-at-arms, which, joined to the three hundred veteran companions already in France, would make a force which any leader might be proud to command.
You have seen a veteran soldier resigned to his life of wretchedness, and now you are about to see an old agricultural laborer who is submitting to the same lot.
Two of the members of the board, the old veteran in the service, Nikitin, and the Kammerjunker Grinevitch, went in with him.
The enunciation of the veteran warrior had been calm, but distinct, and decided.
They posted all the young men in the broken ground above the bottom of the slope, for these could best be spared to the spear, and Galazi the Wolf took command of them; but the veterans stayed upon the hillside, and with them Umslopogaas.
Canoes of this size are generally managed by eight or ten men, two of whom are picked veterans, who receive double wages, and are stationed, one at the bow and the other at the stern, to keep a look-out and to steer.