vested interest

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(law) an interest in which there is a fixed right to present or future enjoyment and that can be conveyed to another

groups that seek to control a social system or activity from which they derive private benefit

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is comprised of three subsidiaries, Vested Interest Trading, its original export-importing and craft division; Uprooted Designs, their Indonesian reclaimed teak root furniture and craft business; and Rock Solid Creations, which crafts and distributes stone ornaments, giftware and garden pieces from Canadian Shield rock.
A pioneer in technology which has a vested interest in offering a good, reliable and continuing service to its customers.
But my argument that government's ever-expanding family machinery has developed a vested interest in removing children from their fathers was recently documented in Political Science and Politics, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Political Science Association not known for airing extremist opinions.
SIR - In my letter (Hidden Interest, Dec 20) I alleged that Mr Peter Weavers of Talgarth had a vested interest in promoting the role of the opencast coal mining industry.
For this I am not always popular among those who have a vested interest in the selling of 'the product'.
And like other Nashville citizens, we have a vested interest in our city's conservation efforts.
It will reach those with a vested interest in the outcome of this transformation--those leaders shaping it and those financing it.
Organic food is big business, which is equally a vested interest; and the ideological anti-GM fundamentalists within the organic field have an additional vested interest in knocking GM.
How he can attack dedicated NHS workers as being a vested interest when he personally makes money out of NHS privatisation beggars belief.
This ruling allows a taxpayer to have a basis in property Y (in which he did not have a vested interest when he acquired related property X), even if Y did not exist when he acquired X.
It is owned by the very banks it is supposed to regulate, and has a vested interest in paper checks over vastly superior electronic payments.
The workshop was cosponsored by several organizations having vested interest in developing a globally recognized clinical traceability infrastructure.
Whites, so the argument goes, thus have a vested interest in preserving negative stereotypes about blacks since it makes them feel better about themselves.
There's a growing belief among conservationists, particularly the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society and the African Wildlife Foundation, that if the endangered wildlife of Africa is to survive, villagers need a vested interest in the animals, which live largely outside national park boundaries.