vested interest

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(law) an interest in which there is a fixed right to present or future enjoyment and that can be conveyed to another

groups that seek to control a social system or activity from which they derive private benefit

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Price controls then supported the community, especially individuals and their families, who had a vested interest in their government because it sustained them during famines and price fluctuations and by means of a communal reserve of grain for bread production.
Heading the investigation Detective Chief Investigator Andrew Poole has a vested interest that should probably disqualify him as he gets cello lessons from Sara and is attracted to her although he is unhappily married.
That gives the primary carriers "some skin in the game"--a significant vested interest in the quality and performance of the account.
I [had] a vested interest in the outcome of the 2004 elections.
It was important to us that our agent in Australia have a real vested interest in making this work.
In our February 2, 1998 cover story "Radicalizing the Right," THE NEW AMERICAN described how governments prone to usurpation--our own included--have "a vested interest in creating an equally lawless controlled opposition" in order to justify cracking down on all domestic dissent.
How did one study by a scientist with a vested interest get so much publicity?
Nonprofit organizations have been funding health research for decades and, in my mind, having an "interest in health" is in no way synonymous with a financial vested interest.
A pioneer in technology which has a vested interest in offering a good, reliable and continuing service to its customers.
But my argument that government's ever-expanding family machinery has developed a vested interest in removing children from their fathers was recently documented in Political Science and Politics, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Political Science Association not known for airing extremist opinions.
SIR - In my letter (Hidden Interest, Dec 20) I alleged that Mr Peter Weavers of Talgarth had a vested interest in promoting the role of the opencast coal mining industry.
For this I am not always popular among those who have a vested interest in the selling of 'the product'.
And like other Nashville citizens, we have a vested interest in our city's conservation efforts.
It will reach those with a vested interest in the outcome of this transformation--those leaders shaping it and those financing it.