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In some vespertilionids (such as Eptesicus, Perimyotis, Myotis, Lasionycteris), the ulna has a small or absent olecranon process, is unfused at the semilunar notch but fused slightly more distally along the shaft beneath or just distal to the semilunar notch, and contributes its own separate, small articular facet to the semilunar notch.
The researchers discovered that the migratory behaviour over long and short distances evolved repeatedly and for the most part independently within the family of vespertilionid bats.
In vespertilionid bats, including those in the genus Neoromicia, virus conspecific with MERS-CoV differs from human MERS-CoV, even if formally a member of the same species.
Carter TC, Menzel MA, Krishon DM and Laerm J: Prey selection by five species of vespertilionid bats on Sapelo Island, Georgia.
1996 annual report on the roosting ecology of two rare vespertilionid bats, the southeastern myotis and Rafinesque's big-eared bat, in east Texas.
All previously known 2c bat CoVs originated from vespertilionid bats: VM314 originated from a P.
1991) studied six species of European vespertilionid bats and suggested that individuals generally did not arouse when exposed to nontactile stimuli and only a small proportion showed any increase in metabolic rate.
A study of the annual male reproductive cycle in a hibernating vespertilionid bat (Myotis lucifugus) with emphasis on the structure and function of the interstitial cells of Leydig.
Nine genera and 31 species of vespertilionid bats occur in the United States [14].
During June-August, 2008, with the permission of the governor of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, we caught 8 insectivorous vespertilionid bats, Miniopterus fuliginosus, and used their spleens and kidneys to establish primary cell cultures.
Notes on breeding behavior, pregnancy, and parturition in some vespertilionid bats of the eastern United States.
velifer was not observed in these culverts, two other vespertilionid bats (Pipistrellus subflavus and Myotis austroriparius) were common (Walker et al.
The duration of the period of hibernation in three species of vespertilionid bats I: Field studies.