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a distensible membranous sac (usually containing liquid or gas)

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Paramere broad, with well-developed inner spine and ridge; penial lobes spatulate, vesica shorter than penial lobes .
lt;<The migration symbol: vesica piseis from the Pythagoreans to the Christianity>>, en OCOKOLJLE, C.
618 and is seen in the Vesica piscis (length/width) and throughout nature.
Joy-full Vesica, jaunty, poised on toothy legs, lets light pass between them.
Blackhead Premium Spiced Heaven Hill Distilleries 30 Fulton's Harvest Heaven Hill Distilleries -- Bird Dog Western Spirits -- Twenty Grand Western Spirits -- Vesica Adamba Imports 18 Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost Beam Inc.
The lush gardens are filled with references to sacred geometry, most explicitly at the Vesica Pisces pool, whose two interlocking circles symbolize a union of opposites--heaven and earth, spirit and matter.
Vesica con esclerito dorsal cuatro veces tan largo como el lateral, comienza en una placa bifurcada y termina en una placa levemente ensanchada.
As pointed out by local people the roots of Adhatoda vesica emerged as the excellent remedy for rheumatism.
Modulatory influence of Adhatoda vesica leaf extract on the enzymes of xenobiotic metabolism, anti-oxidant status and lipid peroxidation in mice.
Another fact that makes the contraposition of "La Mancha" and the Ichthus even more daring is that "the form of the Vesica Piscis" was traditionally "used only for the enclosing of the most sacred objects, more particularly in connection with the Immaculate Conception" (Jenner 34).
Vesica, corpus neruiosum triplex, positum in latitudine ilium, in quam de renibus totus humor colligitur et fertur per lotiales meatus, qui humor lotium appellatur.
During a recent struggle with a misdiagnosis of terminal illness for which I was given but four months left to live, she took off her vesica piscis of rayos and bade me pass through her fiery corona, burning away my terror and grief time and again.
Asociados al manejo hospitalario: la ITU es consecuencia de una bacteriuria, la cual, en 25 a 50 %, es causada por contaminacion durante la instalacion de un cateter vesica l(19).
Las especies del genero Agrotis se caracterizan por la vesica del aedoeagus en la genitalia masculina.