very important person

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Synonyms for very important person

an important or influential (and often overbearing) person

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I am so happy because Newcastle is a very big team and for me, the manager is a very important person,' said Emre.
9) Jarha, an Egyptian, in any case is an ancestor of a very important person named Elishama, remembered with reverence in the ancestral records of the tribe of Judah.
We have lost a very important person," the Swedish prime minister Goran Persson has said about the death of Astrid Lindgren, the much-loved author of books like 'Pippi Longstocking' and 'Ronia, the Robber's Daughter'.
And while Powell has his critics--many within the Bush administration and outside it believe that his view is naive or amoral in a dangerous world--at the moment he has one very important person in his corner: George W.
A: "Remember that although the boss is a very important person, he or she wants all employees to do well.
A new service from the company will now allow your car to be in direct communication with a very important person -- you
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