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South African monkey with black face and hands

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301) International Journal of Obesity showed that 16 percent of the vervets in the colony were overweight at any given time in the 15 years even though they are all fed the same diet.
And this may be what's happening in the case of the vervets.
For vervets and mangabeys that's largely a female urge.
Do my hair before you touch my baby" is the rule among mother vervet monkeys and sooty mangabeys when it comes to letting a neighbor snuggle their infants.
Intriguing observations also demonstrate that vervets have significant flexibility over how and when they choose to give an alarm call.
The owner of the vervets soon joined the activists on location after hearing of their presence, and after long hours of mediation, he voluntarily handed the animals over to BETA and even helped the volunteers transport them to the organization's shelter in Monte Verde.
a vervet monkey; Ottley's was a former plantation house; Pictures: ALAMY/NISBET PLANTATION BEACH CLUB/OTTLEY'S PLANTATION INN
The downside of the experiment - on the Caribbean island of St Kitts - was that some Vervets got a serious taste for the stuff.
That way, Marler explained, their fellow vervets will know where to hide: say, in a tree, far above the snake; or in a bush, where the eagle can't reach them.
More generally, are vervets merely following a few simple rules?
Yet these shameless burglars aren't humans, they're vervets, the most adaptable - and cheekiest - monkeys in Africa.
Scrotal color in vervets varies considerably, from cornflower blue to a chilly white.
The confusion displayed by young vervets might just be errors typical of growing up, but Hauser also raises the possibility that youngsters may be using the alarm calls as a way to question whether that crashing thing, or that flying thing, is worth worrying about.
Seyfarth and UCLA colleague Dorothy Cheney say that the "elements of language" they have discovered among vervets are much more subtle and sophisticated than the alarm calls given off by the monkeys when threatened by predators.
He smiled at his new wife, a small woman with laugh lines and a vervet hanging from one hand.