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South African monkey with black face and hands

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The Vervet monkey is an arboreal monkey which means that it spends most of its time on trees.
Vervet monkeys are small black-faced monkeys that are widespread in Africa, tolerating a variety of habitats and not considered endangered.
Baboons and vervet monkeys live side by side with humans in game management areas in Zambia, and this situation often leads to high levels of human-baboon/monkey conflicts.
Michael Lewis visits Suzie, the rare Blue Vervet monkey he rescued from hunters in South Africa and in bringing home to Birmingham
SAdV-18 (catalog number VR-943) (4,11) and SAdV-20 (catalog number VR-541, originally deposited as simian adenovirus V340) had been isolated from vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) (12).
In September last year, ARC were also called on to help a Paphos-based mother of three who had unwisely bought a Vervet monkey from a pet shop for about e1/42,000.
In September last year, ARC were called out to help a Paphos based mother of three who had bought a Vervet monkey from a pet shop for about e1/42000.
A vervet monkey who spots a leopard, for instance, warns his fellow monkeys, even though the call may attract the leopard's attention to the individual.
The Barbados vervet monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus): changes in population size and crop damage 1980-1994.
A THREE-YEAR-OLD Vervet monkey will head off from Chlorakas in Paphos to Amsterdam today, bound for a better life in an animal sanctuary.
One woman bought a vervet monkey without being properly informed of the diseases it might carry, or the fact that upon maturing is in need of a mating partner or will become aggressive.
New Cyclospora species from Ethiopian monkeys Characteristics Cyclospora cercopitheci Host Cercopithecus aethiops Linnaeus, 1758, African green or vervet monkey Oocysts Spherical; 8 - 10 [micro]m (mean 9.
A male vervet monkey may use the shade of blue on another male's scrotum as a clue to status, according to new observations of monkey encounters.