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South African monkey with black face and hands

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This showed them that diet of the expecting monkey has a profound effect on the body type of male vervet offspring.
The vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), is a non-human primate a herbivores with a black face, grey body hair colour and a majestic tail.
The results from this study show that there are basic similarities in the Leydig cells of the vervet compared to other mammals, humans and nonhuman primates, however, there also seem to be species differences among the mammalian group.
For example, vervet monkeys have separate alarm calls for different predators.
John was then rescued by a group of vervet monkeys, who saved him from certain starvation.
En route to Sanctuary Baines' Camp, he pointed out a baby bull elephant bulldozing through trees and to troops of vervet monkeys and chacma baboons scampering through trees with their tiny offspring clinging on for dear life.
But Steve, driven on by the cause to help vervet monkeys, ignored the temptation to stop and carried on, eventually crossing the finish line to great cheers and relief.
The vervet monkeys have also given birth to two babies recently.
This method is further developed and made complex by a family called the Vervet monkeys, who are native to Africa.
PAUL O'GRADY'S ANIMAL ORPHANS ITV, 9pm In his final week in Africa, the comedian and presenter visits Bambelela, a rehabilitation centre for orphaned vervet monkeys, where he looks after 10-monthold Toledo for the day, before putting him to sleep at night.
FACTUAL It's Paul's final week in Africa and he visits Bambelela, a centre for orphaned vervet monkeys.
Dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, gorillas, lions, a vervet monkey, a kangaroo, a lion, a parrot, an elephant, a rabbit, and a Beluga whale all intervene at great risk to themselves to save humans.
The baboons and vervet monkeys were troublesome, but a lot of that was due to our carelessness in dealing with rubbish and not locking everything away in our cars each time we left the campsite.
Then the transfer to Phinda Mountain Lodge, our home for the night, became a mini–game drive as we spotted impala and vervet monkeys by the track.
Despite a punishing walking schedule of up to and beyond 30km every day, Wood lingered behind in the Ugandan village to rescue the tiny vervet monkey, aiming to find it sanctuary after local children scared its mother away.