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any of numerous tropical or subtropical American plants of the genus Verbena grown for their showy spikes of variously colored flowers


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There's only one thing that can resist compulsion without needing vervain and that's a witch.
Trapped birds ranged in size from Vervain Hummingbird (mass = 2 g, wing chord = 37 mm) to Swainson's Thrush (mass = 23 g, wing chord = 93 mm).
By: Hany SalahuldienPurple petunias, white leadworts and medicinal vervain have been planted in the ruins of courtyards and shrines where scribes of the time described luxurious gardens created in imitation of the ancient Greeks.
John's wort, vervain, Avena sativa, maca, licorice, and dozens more.
when I was pregnant with you, Manman made me drink all kinds of herbs, vervain, quinine and verbena, baby poisons.
Chamomile, vervain or rose tea and fruit juice are good alternatives," Vicky said.
neomexicana (hillside vervain; TAC 4145) is a native vervain previously only reported from counties within the Big Bend region of Texas (Turner et at.
Sinupret contains a proprietary blend of European elder, common sorrel, cowslip, European vervain and gentian.
Besides the grand wormwood's principle flavoring, you will often find star anise, green anise, aniseed, sweet fennel and mint, and sometimes eucalyptus, sage (salvia), lemon balsam, hyssop, basil, tarragon, meadow sweet, badiane, vervain and stinging netles.
Edged in pretty London Pride, you can see white goat's rue, silvery wormwood, tiny-flowered vervain, perennial borage, shell-pink marshmallow and white marjoram.
I found myself in the Swiss Italian Alps feeling very much at home, with Bellis perennis, vervain (Verbena vervain), coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), horsetail (Equisetum arvens) and many more medicinal weeds and herbs growing wild everywhere off the cobbled paths.
Vervain (Beirbheine) protects against evil and witchcraft.
Lemon balm and vervain are two calming, soothing herbs that will help with tension and anxiety.
Vervain, Verbena officinalis, was carried by soldiers for protection and used to decorate temples and altars.