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Synonyms for vertigo



Synonyms for vertigo

a sensation of whirling or falling

Synonyms for vertigo

a reeling sensation

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The vertigo clinic in Kohinoor Hospital, with its multidisciplinary team of ENT surgeons, neurologist, audiologist and vestibular rehabilitation therapist aims at effective evaluation and treatment for patients.
The authors supply interpretive surprises even for devotees of the film, inviting further viewing of Vertigo.
Since its founding in 2004, Animation Vertigo has remained the only motion capture company to utilize the talent and resources of the Philippine artists.
Vertigo is about our inner life," Sight and Sound editor Nick James said about Vertigo.
People who suffer from vertigo because of inner ear problems, 99 per cent will recover with time and without any treatment.
Vertigo performs at White Bird, in Portland, OR, Oct.
If there is a problem with the inner ear, this could cause an imbalance and lead to what is commonly referred to as vertigo.
Perth, Australia, Jan 14, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Exco Resources Limited (ASX:EXS) (PINK:EXRSF) is pleased to announce Vertigo Resource Upgrade for White Dam Gold Project.
Scripps Networks, a US-based global lifestyle media developer and broadcaster, is introducing more streamlined graphics workflows across its popular speciality channels, namely HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel and Great American Country, using a Vertigo XG graphics system from Miranda Technologies.
Of the inner disorders that result in vertigo the most common cause is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) accounting for between 17% and 40% of all vertigo cases presenting in the clinic (1-3).
Dizziness; vertigo, disequilibrium and lightheadedness.
It is no surprise to discover Martin Scorsese is a devoted fan of the Psycho director - especially the old master's 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo, which starred James Stewart and Kim Novak.
Scent-Lok's 2010 activated-carbon clothing is built around two new versions of Vertigo camouflage.
Daybreakers star Ethan fancies getting into the comic book business and is speaking to publisher Vertigo (DC Comics) to pitch a mag idea.
Dizziness has different meanings for different patients--from disequilibrium, light-headedness, feeling off-balance, woozy, shaky, 'not quite right', or 'not myself ', to a vertigo sensation of gentle swaying and ground moving upwards, the world spinning around, or violent incapacitating rotatory vortex feelings.