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a fungus of the genus Verticillium

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roseum 0,31 (a) 0,15 (a) Enfermedad/patogeno Tratamiento Verticillium Penicillium Comercial 0,00 (a) 0,15 (a) Comercial + G.
This paper discusses the economics of managing Verticillium dahliae, a soilborne fungus that is introduced to the soil via infested spinach seeds and that causes lettuce to be afflicted with Verticillium wilt, which first appeared in lettuce in 1995 in Watsonville, California.
Verticillium wilt in canola was detected in Manitoba in 2014.
These authors isolated three fungi viz Fusarium oxysporum, Gliocladium roseum and Verticillium chlamydosporium from infected M.
In 1977 scientists from the University of California at Davis issued a positive report regarding the control of Verticillium in a cotton field using solarization.
y el Oxicloruro de cobre al 50% que han dado los mejores resultados (Regalado y Ponce, 1983); sin embargo, tambien se ha observado presencia del hongo Verticillium hemileiae Bouriquet en campo sobre las uredosporas de Hemileia vastatrix en forma natural (Diaz, 2012).
It targets the most destructive species of nematodes plus the highly-damaging plant diseases Fusarium root rot, damping off, southern blight and Verticillium wilt.
Verticillium chlamydosporium Goddard) e um parasita facultativo de ovos de nematoides e tem sido comumente estudado como agente de controle biologico do nematoide das galhas e de cistos (HIDALGO-DIAZ et al.
The V refers to verticillium wilt, F indicates resistance to fusarium wilt disease (FF or FFF to disease Races one, two, or three).
In the course of a season, the fungi that cause scabby skin patches may proliferate, along with root-killing Verticillium fungi (which also damage tomatoes and eggplant) and tiny nematodes that injure potatoes.
Susceptibility of larval stages of the aphid parasitoid Aphidius nigripes to the entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium lecanii.
Other successfully isolated fungi are Trichoderma, Stylopage, Verticillium, Blastomyces, Ovulariopsis, Periconia and Ustilago.
Don't plant them close to where you've grown potatoes, chrysanthemums or tomatoes or they may succumb to verticillium wilt.