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a whorl of leaves growing around a stem

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This species also has more leaves in a verticil (20-24); these are longer and wider than those of Annularia pseudostellata.
Annularia fimbriata has more leaves in a verticil (15 to 20) than does Annularia radiata.
4) shows second order branches with two fragmentary first order branches and one incomplete verticil that may be identified (a second is too poorly preserved), with 8 leaves, 3.
However, the holotype of Annularia radiata has a greater number of leaves per verticil (up to 16) than is the case for Annularia ramosa; they are also longer (20-22 mm), with a greater length/ breadth ratio.
Annularia radiata has more leaves per verticil (12-16); although these leaves, like those of Annularia ramosa, are linear-lanceolate and in isophyllous verticils, they are longer.
Each verticil consists of 20-24 large, linear-lanceolate leaves, united at the base so as to form an annulus.
4) figured two specimens of Annularia with very long, thin leaves, more than 20 per verticil, from two different localities at Springhill, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia.
1 (fragmentary verticil associated with Calamostachys sp.
Leaves of Asterophyllites lycopodioides are less curved and pass beyond the internode to touch the base of the next verticil.
2, representing only a fragment of leaf verticil, and pl.
Leaves of Asterophyllites lycopodioides are shorter and less arched; they pass beyond the node above to touch the base of the next verticil.
Verticil showing leaves with a strongly marked vein.
Incomplete verticil showing the long, oblanceolate leaves characteristic of this species.