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Synonyms for vertical

Synonyms for vertical

at right angles to the horizon or to level ground

Synonyms for vertical

something that is oriented vertically

Related Words

a vertical structural member as a post or stake

at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line

upright in position or posture


of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group)

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NetLedger also shows signs of pulling away from the other online vendors because it has started to offer verticalized versions of the core product, albeit it via resellers rather than directly.
They also support his complaint against the twentieth-century tendency to rely on a model of opposition between an allegedly authentic, linear approach, nurtured through the study of counterpoint and thoroughbass, and an arbitrarily verticalized, chord-by-chord view of musical texture perniciously imposed by fundamental-bass theory.
Implementing mCloud DCU allows us to deliver verticalized cloud access for healthcare providers," said Jerry.
Verticalized IA approach for each industry is the way forward", says Haragopal Mangipudi, Chief Evangelist of finUNO Inc.
IBM has developed and implemented a highly verticalized and integrated competitive strategy leveraging its vast market expertise and business intelligence that has cemented its branding and driven customer satisfaction.
Some of the pivotal factors that have been contributing to this growth include new business models, organization efficiencies, services around disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility, analytics, social media, and flexible product portfolios and verticalized solutions.
Large diversified vendors will transform into suppliers with significantly narrower focus, and there will be a lot to differentiate the enterprise vendors from the carrier vendors -- a marked departure from the verticalized business models that most vendors were trying to adopt until recently.
manufacturing of polypropylene rugs approximately four years ago and now has a 500,000-square-foot headquarters with a factory verticalized from polypropylene yarn extrusion to weaving.
Implementing the mCloud DCU solution will allow us to deliver verticalized cloud access for health care providers in a critical region of the world," said Jerry Rapes, president and CEO, Exist Global.
With strong growth in 2014 bookings across the segments, industries and services, we are benefiting from our planned investments in innovation, acquisitions and our verticalized sales organization," commented Regina Paolillo, chief financial and administrative officer of TeleTech.
This verticalized structure allows PRECI-DIP to have a hands-on approach on the different steps of the production line and thereby give the firm a competitive edge on the market.
Halogen's strengths include a verticalized go-to-market strategy, integration of the various functions through all organic development, and very strong client satisfaction," said Lisa Rowan, research vice president, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies, IDC.