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position at right angles to the horizon

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I argue that these literary representations chart a new sociocultural topography in Tehran, one that depends on the city's verticality.
In his chapter, "Line of Decent," Canadian Professor Derek Gregory grapples not so much with verticality (though he sprinkles such terms as "political technology of vision" and visuality"), but with the whole notion of aerial attack and the risk to civilians by surveying such operations from World War II bombings through drone operations in contemporary conflicts.
Such a reflection was expected by the party, despite its rigid verticality these days, and it somehow awoke positive spirits, showing that there is strong enough reason for the truth.
Washington, June 21 ( ANI ): A new study of rider experiences on the Hong Kong Peak Tram, a popular tourist attraction, shows that specific features of the environment can dominate our perception of verticality, making skyscrapers appear to fall.
Cans everyone else brought were in large bags, but this one stood out for the novelty of shape, its solid verticality.
The overall massing is spilt into two thin towers emphasising verticality and slenderness.
The overall massing is spilt into two thin towers emphasizing verticality and slenderness.
Phenomenology & Mysticism: The Verticality of Religious Experience.
Presently, the exact contributions of the CNS to verticality perception are not clear but appear to involve integration of vestibular input with somatosensory and visual information to bind environmental and postural representations of verticality.
This verticality is stressed by it being composed of polygonal shafts, deliberately reminiscent of volcanic basalt rock formations, and this treatment extends laterally into curving wings which enclose a forecourt--a space enhanced by the presence of a dramatic statue of Leif Erikson, the Viking who discovered America centuries before Columbus.
Following her discovery of Fulton's fraud, Watson similarly reaffirms her faith, recognizing the "human need" (225) for a vision of unfettered verticality, despite the appearance of things.
These (often optional) routes offer interesting graphical diversions and a new sense of verticality to track design.
Raising the building to accommodate a high water table, the designers introduced attractive landscape berms as camouflage and reduced the verticality of facade with a modulated design.
Their verticality tends to be limited to stacked hydroponic trays, not multiple floors.
0 mm total runout wobble Shaft verticality N/A Bubble must be within the lines of bubble level ([less than or equal to] 0.