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position at right angles to the horizon

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Though to a lesser extent than in the preceding installments, That Hideous Strength also contains elements of spatial verticality.
The whole figure differs from the blind shaft verticality picture so that instead of deviations from verticals the deviations from the line connecting points of the first and last profile are illustrated.
The author highlights individuals who grasped the military potential of verticality along with the contribution that ballooning made to "militarized aeromobility.
High-rise geographies: a different look at urban verticality
The Environments in the game provide stunning Verticality, Fluidity and Fast-paced Map Strategy.
Verticality as the Speed of Horizon (all works cited, 2014) is the title of one of the pieces in Carol in Eidner's debut gallery show, "Meanwhile 'Me'.
The verticality of the Walt Disney Pavilion is visible from a distance and has become the identifiable icon for Florida Children's Hospital.
No talks of cylinders and principles of verticality this time for Rain or Shine.
Verticality = (180-Trunk inclination)+(180-Trunk head) Eq.
The building is conceived as a reflection of the distinct Omani natural landscape, with the dramatic contrast between the verticality of the mountain chains, and the delicate layers of palm groves and water features - aflaj, forming the vital oasis around which many Omani villages and towns grew at the foot of these mountains.
Washington, June 21 ( ANI ): A new study of rider experiences on the Hong Kong Peak Tram, a popular tourist attraction, shows that specific features of the environment can dominate our perception of verticality, making skyscrapers appear to fall.
Cans everyone else brought were in large bags, but this one stood out for the novelty of shape, its solid verticality.
The overall massing is spilt into two thin towers emphasising verticality and slenderness.
The technical challenge occurred in obtaining a clean visual impact between each ring as well as the perfect verticality after assembly.
Phenomenology & Mysticism: The Verticality of Religious Experience.