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The back view is dominated by a large window framed by thin, boomerang-shaped, vertical tail lights, while the absence of an exhaust pipe and a "zero-emissions" badge gives the game away as to what is powering the vehicle.
The static aircraft, which will be used solely for ground tests, has nearly completed assembly, with a full fuselage, two wings and the vertical tail plane joined.
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--AIRBUS -A350 XWB vertical tail plane gets its livery(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
They had to construct a nine metre aeroplane wing on which cast members could stand and a six metre vertical tail fin.
Thai Airways International (THAI) on Wednesday said that the vertical tail section for its first Airbus A380 has been painted with the carrier's logo.
Measurements from the IR camera placed at the top of the vertical tail were performed to provide experimental validation.
In the perimeter lane decoration, we see the same quadruped (dog) with the tall vertical tail, but on this pair the quadruped figures alternate around the perimeter with the classic Cheyenne "1890s Triangle" designs.
The collision caused the F-104 to disintegrate and ripped off all the XB-70's left vertical tail and half of its right.
Distinctive styling features on the Wagon include a wedgeshaped profile, LED lights in the high-level brake lamp, which is positioned in a rear spoiler, and vertical tail lamps - a Cadillac hallmark.
Distinctive styling features on the Wagon include a wedge-shaped profile, LED lights in the high-level brake lamp which is positioned in a rear spoiler and vertical tail lamps - a Cadillac hallmark.
The agency envisages introducing about 40 planes for the ASDF and 80 for the MSDF, they said, adding three other companies are expected to join in development of the vertical tail assembly for the planes, the officials said.
The aircraft's damaged areas included the leading edge wing flaps, the starboard engine, which was fodded, and the vertical tail.
Fort Worth, Texas, has demonstrated the potential for 60% manufacturing cost reduction by using the RTM process to make the vertical tail of the X-35A Joint Strike Fighter.
This spring, under contract with NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) Project, the ecoDemonstrator 757 tested active flow control on the vertical tail and bug-phobic coatings on the right wing.
The Active Flow Control Enhanced Vertical Tail Flight Experiment evaluated the effect that 31 devices, called sweeping jet actuators, have on the aerodynamics of an aircraft's tail and rudder surfaces.
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